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New Right was a private funded journal reportedly in the process of launch in April 1987.

According to the Guardian:

Harry Phibbs, who scandalised the nation with his attack on the late Lord Stockton in a Tory-funded student magazine, is coming back from the wilderness and into print again. His privately funded organ is called New Right and will appear at the end of May featuring lots of old favourites like Roger Scruton bashing Kinnock, Patrick Cosgrave bashing the Foreign Office, Brian Crozier scorning Glasnost and Christopher Monckton crying woe about Aids. It will be distributed at first through Phibbs's old university contacts in the Federation of Conservative Students, but proofs are with WH Smith to see if they will carry it. 'That'll mean some political balance in the magazine section at last,' says a bullish Phibbs. 'And then the sky's the limit for the Phibbs publishing empire. ' He won't confirm or deny that businessman and former Thatcher Adviser David Hart has provided some of the 'thousands, but not tens of thousands' injected into the project.[1]


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