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In United Kingdom politics, the New Politics Network is an independent political and campaigning think tank, concerned specifically with issues relating to democratic renewal and popular participation in politics. It works with a wide range of groups and individuals to provide a forum to look at emerging ideas in society. Its goal is to provide an independent and innovative debate on the future of politics.

Currently, the Network's main areas of activity include:

  • Active Citizenship
  • Reform of Public Institutions
  • The Role of Political Parties

The Network was created in December 1999. It was established following the winding up of Democratic Left. Democratic Left was the legal successor organisation to the Communist Party of Great Britain.

Unlike its predecessor the Network is politically independent and is committed to working across the political spectrum. To this end the Network has worked with individuals from all the main political parties and is committed to continuing to do so.


The Network organised during the 2001 General Election, although it was not involved with the 2005 campaign of the same name. It received extensive media coverage and it is accepted that changed the result in two seats, Cheadle and Dorset South. The site also successfully showed the weakness of the present voting system.

Party Watch is a database driven information resource. It contains listings of all major political donations (data from the Electoral Commission as well as biographies on the donors and an archive of party funding stories and background information.)

The Network is a member of the Make Votes Count Coalition campaign for proportional representation and the Votes at 16 coalition.

The Network is currently working on a number of initiatives with Charter88, including Elect the Lords, a campaign for democratic reform of the House of Lords.

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