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DR Neville Bain (died May 2012 aged 71 years) was a former chairman of the Institute of Directors, and a key member of the S&N board, appointed 1997, (also chairing the brewer's audit committee). Bain had a strong business background, having worked for Cadbury Schweppes for 27 years finally becoming Group Deputy Chief Executive. Following that he became chief executive of Coates Viyella plc a global fashion and textile group. [1]

He was chairman of The Post Office between 1997-2001, with Consignia Bain was removed from the role by the government, who decided not to renew his contract as the service provided was "simply not good enough".[2] Bain has written a number of books on management previous publications include 'Successful Management' (Macmillan, 1995), and 'Winning Ways Through Corporate Governance' (Macmillan, 1996), People Advantage (1996)[3]

Described by The London Speaker Bureau, an organisation which supplies after dinner speakers, as "equally charismatic a speaker on topics such as leadership, change, globalisation and strategy". [4]


  • Chairman of the Institute of Directors (2006-12)
  • Non-Executive Director of Scottish & Newcastle
  • Director of Biocon, an international company, registered in India which produces biopharmaceuticals, food additives and industrial enzymes [5]
  • Chairman of The Neville Bain Trust this is a difficult company to find information on, all that can be said for sure is that it owns 700,351 shares in Biocon and is based in England. [6]
  • Chairman of Hogg Robinson until March 2006, a business services company
  • Board of Directors Safeway 1993-2000, a former supermarket
  • Trustee of the National Centre for Social Research, the UK's largest independent social research company, their research covers topics such as alcohol and drugs and food and health, both areas where Dr Bain has Business interests through Scottish & Newcastle and Biocon.[7]
  • Non-executive Director of Provexis Plc an AIM listed company developing functional food "Provexis develops scientifically proven novel bioactive ingredients for integration into functional foods and beverages. These development programmes are typically undertaken in partnership with leading academic research establishments".[8]
  • Until recently a board member of United Breweries Limited, India (UBBL IN) which is a partial subsidiary of United Breweries Holdings (UB IN) [9]


COATS, the British thread maker, was heavily fined by the European Union for operating cartels in the sector going back to 1990. In 2004 it was fined for its involvement in what was dubbed the “needles and pins” cartel case, although Guinness Peat, which now owns the business, is appealing against the scale of the fine. Much of the time Coats was indulging in this market-rigging, the company was run by Neville Bain, who went on to preside over a disastrous period in the history of the Post Office. [10]


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