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The National Humanities Center describes itself as 'the only major independent American institute for advanced study in all fields of the humanities'[1].

The Center opened in 1978 and claims to be 'governed by a distinguished board of trustees from academic, professional, and public life'.

'It provides a national focus for the best work in the liberal arts, drawing attention to the enduring value of ancient and modern history, language and literature, ethical and moral reflection, artistic and cultural traditions, and critical thought in every area of humanistic investigation. By encouraging excellence in scholarship, the Center seeks to insure the continuing strength of the liberal arts and to affirm the importance of the humanities in American life'[2].


Frances D Fergusson is reported to be on the Board of Trustees for the National Humanities Center[3]. She is also on the Board of Directors of Wyeth pharmaceutical company, President Emeritus at Vassar College, on the board of Overseers of Harvard University (from 6 years commencing 2002) and a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. She is also on the Board of Directors of the Foreign Policy Association and on the Board of Trustees of Isamu Noguchi Foundation and the Foundation for Contemporary Arts. Fergusson is also Director of HSBC Bank USA (since 1990). Fergusson's previous involvements include serving as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Ford Foundation (1989-2001) and the Mayo Foundation (Mayo Clinic) (1988-2002 - she was also the chair of its board 1998-2002). She also served on the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors of the New York Commission in Independent Colleges and Universities and the board of the Society of Architectural Historians of the United States. Fergusson previously served as Director for CH Energy Inc. (1993-2002) and the the United Way of Dutchess County and was on the Board of Trustees of Historic Hudson (1990-1999).


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