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Nadav Argaman is the deputy head of Israel's Shin Bet security agency as of 2013, according to Richard Silverstein.[1]

in an apparent reference to Argaman, Silverstein states:

A separate Haaretz article (Hebrew) mentions that Yoram Cohen (Shabak chief) has called “N.” back from a U.S. assignment. He’s described as just having completed a tour as the “counselor” in Israel’s UN mission. More specifically, Haaretz described his U.S. role as “chief of the North America security center.” He’s also in his 50s and served in the élite Sayeret Matkal (Special Forces commandos). He spent his entire Shabak career in “operations,” which includes apprehending terrorists. He has had relatively little experience with interrogations, “running” agents and counter terror.[1]

Argaman is listed as a counsellor at the Israeli mission to the United Nations in New York in a UN publication from March 2010.[2]


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