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Muddassar Ahmed is a PR professional and convener of non-profit forums 'bridging gap between faiths, cultures, governments, businesses and charities across East and West.' Among key clients are the US State Department, League of Arab States, Organisation of Islamic Co-operation, Edmond and Benjamin De Rothschild Foundations.[1]


Target of Andrew Gilligan - 2015

A Turkish report noted:

a recent article in the British Daily Telegraph targeting one of the prominent names of the British Muslim community, Muddassar Ahmed, who has done much “to strengthen transatlantic security cooperation and Muslim-Jewish ties,” in the words of British Member of Parliament Yasmin Qureshi. But the writer of the article, Andrew Gilligan, was not impressed with all the reasonable and helpful work Ahmed has done, and rather dug up something in his past: Ahmed’s brief involvement during his youth in the Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPAC), which is banned from many universities as a hate group. Gilligan, however, failed to mention Ahmed publicly condemned the MPAC, and is now millions of miles away from this agitated group.[2]


According to his LinkedIn profile:[3]

Unitas Communications is a specialist public relations, reputation management and digital communications agency, specialising in the communications interface between the Islamic and Western worlds. Previous and current clients include Al Arabiya, the Arab league , NHS, United Nations Alliance of Civilisations, US State Department and The Transitional Federal Government of Somalia.
  • John Adams Society Founder and President Nov 2010 – Present, Location London, United Kingdom
JAS is the official alumni association for US State Department exchange programs participants in the United Kingdom. Through its network the Association seeks to promote and support the US-UK cultural, scientific, educational, social, informational and economic initiatives.It advances cross cultural understanding through its quarterly panel discussions, organising an annual reception and contributing to the professional development of the alumni. JAS members include senior members of the present government, corporate, media, political and community leaders.
Launched in Rome, ENAM represents 30 alumni associations from US State Department exchange programmes across Europe. I am one of 9 elected Directors, my term expiring in 2014. Members include senior European government, business, media and community figures. ENAM designs and implements through its member organizations projects and initiatives such as conferences, seminars, workshops, awards, information campaigns, editorial products and other.
  • Concordia Forum Founder and Chair, Feb 2008 – Present, Location Murcia Area, Spain
Founder, chair, and co-organiser of this Cross-Atlantic and Pan-European senior leadership network promoting greater social integration across the Western world. Brings together senior leaders from government, corporate, charitable and media sectors from the US, UK and Europe to an annual retreat The Forum is entirely self financed and is supported by both an Advisory Council and Steering Committee. All delegates attend in a personal capacity and all discussions are held under the Chatham House Rule. Attendance is by invitation only.
British Pakistan Foundation (BPF) is a registered charity seeking to strengthen cultural, business, political and media ties between the UK and Pakistan. It was founded in 2011 by the Pakistani Foreign Minister and the British Foreign Secretary. BPF is dedicated to improving the social and economic condition of the people of Pakistan. As Board Member I am co-responsible for the charity’s governance, strategy and fundraising.

Company director

Companies House records the following directorships:[5]

    • Company status Dissolved - Role: Director
    • Appointed on 2 September 2014
    • Nationality: British – Occupation: Communications Executive
  • UNITAS RISK LTD (08218274)
    • Company status Active – Role: ACTIVE Director
    • Appointed on 12 March 2013
    • Nationality: British – Occupation Chief Executive
  • THE ADAB TRUST (06126082)
    • Company status: Active - Role RESIGNED Director
    • Appointed on 4 July 2007 Resigned on 23 March 2015
    • Nationality: British – Occupation: Presenter
    • Company status: Dissolved - Role: RESIGNED Director
    • Appointed on 24 November 2016 Resigned on 10 February 2017
    • Nationality: British - Occupation: None
    • Company status: Active - Role: ACTIVE Director
    • Appointed on 24 November 2016
    • Nationality: British - Occupation - None
    • Company status: Dissolved - Role RESIGNED Director
    • Appointed on 25 April 2014 Resigned on 20 November 2014
    • Nationality: British - Occupation - Director
    • Company status: Active - Role RESIGNED Director
    • Appointed on 20 December 2007 Resigned on 21 February 2011
    • Role ACTIVE Director
    • Appointed on 2 October 2011
    • Nationality: British – Occupation: Chief Executive Officer
  • FACILITATE GLOBAL (06629671)
    • Company status: Active, Role RESIGNED Director
    • Appointed on 25 June 2008 Resigned on 13 April 2010
    • Nationality British Country of residence England Occupation Producer
    • Company status: Active - Role Active - Director
    • Appointed on 12 June 2019
    • Nationality: British - Occupation: Director


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