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Morgan Allen Moore is a PR and lobbying firm with offices in London, Tunbridge Wells and Cardiff.[1]


  • Steve Morgan, Chairman and Director of Public Affairs for Morgan Allen Moore. In 2000 he was the International Media Co-ordinator for Vice President Al Gore's Presidential Campaign and played a similar role for Senator John Kerry's bid for the US Presidency.

He is the former campaign manager for Peter Hain MP. Morgan may be questioned by police in connection with Hain's failure to disclose £103,000 of funding for his failed Labour's deputy leadership campaign[2]. Morgan previously worked alongside the MP George Galloway[3].


Code of Conduct complaint

The Association of Professional Political Consultants reports that it is investigating a code of conduct complaint against Morgan Allen Moore (in 2008). The nature of the complaint is not immediately evident[5].


1 Castle Lane, London, SW1E 6DR



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