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Moin Ansari is president of the American Jewish Muslim Alliance and an adviser to the Pakistan-Israel Peace Forum. Ansari is also listed as president of the American Jewish Muslim Association on the website of the Pakistan-Israel Peace Forum.

Commenting on one of Daniel Pipes articles on the Pipes website he notes:

We support your article and the thesis, since it reverberates with what the founding fathers our great country told us to do "convert enemies into friends." 2 million Muslims died for America and the West in destroying the USSR in the 80s. Pakistanis and the Arabs who thought of America in funding a just war against the evil empire (USSR) gave their lives for America and the West. We need to quickly adopt policies to expropriate these lost souls so that they work with us not against us. This is the way to bring peace to the region.
In your book "Militant Islam" (should have been "Militant zealots"), you have rightly defined the root causes of the problem as pride and ego. Until and unless we look at the real root causes of the problems, and solve them on a case by case basis, we will always be in trouble. Bring peace by "converting enemies into friends" not creating more enemies.[1]