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Mitie Care and Custody was created in 2009 as a subsidiary of the Mitie Group.

It has run Campsfield House IRC since May 2011 and both Harmondsworth IRC and Colnbrook IRC from September 2014.


Although Mitie Care and Custody claims to be the first genuinely new entrant to the detention centre industry since the 1990s, in fact most of its executives used to hold senior positions at other detention centre companies. For example, Colin Dobell had set up the Geo Group UK in 2004, where he was later joined by Paul Ferry. Both Dobell and Ferry had previously worked for Global Solutions Ltd., another key firm in the detention industry. Another Mitie director, Alex Sweeney, had previously worked for the Geo Group UK. Perhaps not surprisingly then, most of the contracts that Mitie have won are for detention centres which Geo used to run.

Bid writers

  • Phil Nolan from September 2011 to June 2015 (ongoing)

Centre Managers