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Colin Dobell is an accountant who played a key role in several companies that have run immigration detention centres in the UK.[1]

Global Solutions Ltd

  • Dobell was a financial controller at Global Solutions Ltd. (GSL) from 1998-1999. He led a finance team with a £200m PPP/PFI porfolio coving custodial, educational and enviromental services in the UK.
  • He was a Commerical Director at GSL from 2000-2004, working on their UK PPP/PFI contracts. Dobell says he "Established excellent relationships with all major customers including the Home Office".

Geo Group UK

Dobell was one of two directors (along with Walter MacGowan) who established the Geo Group UK, a subsidiary of the American private prison giant the Geo Group Inc. He served as company secretary, Finance Director and Chief Operating Office of the Geo Group UK from 2005 to August 2009. During this time, the company won Home Office contracts to run Campsfield House IRC and Harmondsworth IRC.

Mitie Care & Custody

Dobell was instrumental in establishing Mitie Care and Custody in September 2009 as a subsidiary of the Mitie Group. He is Managing Director of Mitie Care & Custody and has won several Home Office contracts from the Geo Group UK, notably Campsfield House IRC and Harmondsworth IRC, as well as taking over Colnbrook IRC from Serco.

Dobell created a joint venture with logisitics firm DHL in 2011 in a failed attempt to win a 'prisoner escorting' contract from the Ministry of Justice.


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