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Globalisation: Atlantic Partnership

Meg Allen is the current Director of consultancy firm, DRAMLA S.A, in Geneva.

Her qualifications include a BSc. Degree in Accounting and Finance, and an Investment Management Certificate.

In 1984 she was responsible for co-founding DRAMLA Consulting U.K. In this role she was responsible for financial management and also acted as a liaison for companies wishing to establish joint ventures in China.

Similarly in 1995 she co-founded DRAMLA S.A in Geneva where she currently holds the post of Director and is responsible for portfolio management. She is a trustee of the Atlantic Partnership and the Heritage Foundation; and is also a supporter of Open Europe.[1]

Meg is also co-manager of a charitable foundation which supports various sports, health, education and arts projects. She also has many interests and commitments in the arts and also in transatlantic politics. [2]


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