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Mark Littlewood is director general of the Institute of Economic Affairs, a free market think tank based in London. He is also an independent adviser to the UK government's Red Tape Challenge.[1]


Littlewood studied philosophy, politics and economics at Balliol College, Oxford. After completing his studies at Balliol he went on to study at City University Law School.[2]


  • June 2001 - April 2004: Campaigns director of human rights group Liberty.
  • December 2004 to May 2007: Head of media for the Liberal Democrats.
  • 2004: Co-founder and first national coordinator of No2ID, a pressure group opposing the introduction of ID cards.
  • 2007: Co-founded Progressive Vision, a free market liberal think tank. Littlewood was Communications Director until November 2009.[2][3]
  • 2012: Appointed 'independent adviser' to UK government's Red Tape Challenge.[1]

Tobacco industry connections

Littlewood has strong views on anti-smoking legislation. Littlewood is Director of the Institute of Economic Affairs and the institute has received funding from the tobacco industry in the past. The IEA refuses to say whether this is still the case.[1] Progressive Vision, co-founded by Littlewood, has campaigned strongly against the proposed introduction of plain packaging of tobacco products.[4] Liberal Vision, a free market liberal blog founded by Littlewood, campaigned against the introduction of the smoking ban and other anti-smoking legislation.[5]


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Tel: 020 7799 8907 (Kimberley Painter, Executive Assistant to the Director General)
Twitter: @MarkJLittlewood


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