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Marie-Louise Kwiatkowski, alias Karen Cooper, was a German-born British resident who worked on a project for the development of Covent Garden in the 1960s.[1] On 22 January 1972, she threw ink at Edward Heath ahead of the signing of the Treaty of Accession marking Britain's entry to the European Union.[1] This was ostensibly related to Heath's support for an alternative plan for the redevelopment of Covent Garden.[1]

In 1974, Kwiatkowski published the pamphlet I Challenged Ted Heath which alleged that Heath was homosexual.[2]

The pseudonymous blogger Malcolm Redfellow has claimed that he was sent a copy of the pamphlet while campaigning as a candidate in the October 1974 general election, and along with other candidates was instructed by party headquarters to destroy it and never refer to it.[2]

In his diaries, Tony Benn recorded that Kwiatkowski, who claimed to be a Labour member, had attempted to get Ken Coates to publish the pamphlet. Benn wondered whether the pamphlet was intended to damage the Labour Party by linking it to scurrilous allegations.[3] Robin Ramsay and Stephen Dorril have claimed the pamphlet was supplied by MI5 to Information Policy in Northern Ireland.[3]


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