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Martin is the name used by the media to refer to an MI5 officer who came to public attention when his wife was exposed a dominatrix who set up Formula One boss Max Mosley for a News of the World story.[1]

'Martin' is a former Royal Marines officer. He was an MI5 officer at the time he met his wife 'Michelle' in 2003. The couple claimed that they concealed the fact the she was a professional dominatrix from his superiors, but that his colleagues were aware of her activities.[1]

Martin reportedly worked as a as a mobile surveillance officer tracking terror suspects.[1] This would suggest he worked in A Branch.

It was Martin who arranged to sell the story of Mosley's attendance at an orgy on 28 March 2008 to the News of the World. He later claimed that he concealed this from his employers who were not involved.[1]

Following the News of the World article, Mosley hired Quest, a private investigation agency run by Lord Stevens. They traced Michelle and followed Martin to MI5 headquarters.[1]

After MI5 were told of his role he was suspended on full pay. The day before Mosley's court case against the News of the World, at which Michelle was due to be a key witness, Martin received a letter from MI5 reminding him of his obligations under the Official Secrets Act. After the case he resigned from MI5.[1]

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