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Liberty GB masthead, Source: Liberty GB website

Liberty GB is a small right-wing party established in Britain in March 2013 by figures previously associated with the British Freedom Party.[1] It is headed by Paul Weston, a former UKIP candidate and counterjihad activist.

Liberty GB describes itself on its Facebook page as 'a patriotic counter-jihad party for Christian civilisation, Western rights and freedoms, British culture, animal welfare and capitalism'. [2] In November 2014 it had just over 9180 'likes'.

Liberty GB overwhelmingly failed to convince British voters of its cause in the 2015 general election, winning a total of just 418 votes across the country in three constituencies including Luton South.


Executive Council

Other Officers


Local Organisers




  • Liberty GB
  • 23rd Floor
  • 207 Regent Street
  • London
  • W1B 3HH
  • United Kingdom[6]


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