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Liberal International (LI) is a federation of "liberal" think tanks usually associated with liberal political parties around the world. Often the member organizations are quasi-governmental because they receive government funding. The principal stated aim is to foster neoliberalism (economic and political), i.e., promote democracy, human rights, free trade, and "freedom". Most of the integrants of the member-organizations are currently-out-of-office politicians riding out their spare time in "liberal" think tanks or foundations, and their favored activies are to attend congresses, giving speeches, socializing, sitting on committees to bestow prizes. LI magnifies these activities by providing a prestigious international platform where similar minded groups can engage in:

  • holding conferences and networking
  • issuing manifestos (more than a dozen so far)
  • issuing press releases chastising "illiberal" regimes
  • bestowing prizes for "freedom" and the like
  • providing a platform for some of the politicians that are currently out of office.
  • provide a podium for current politicians to pontificate about liberalism, democracy, free trade, and free sex.

This organization is best identified with the right-wing positions of Hamburg 2007 Michael Walker, Tom Palmer, Mamadou Lamine, Wolfgang Gerhardt, John Alderdice, Frits Bolkestein, Otto Graf Lambsdorff, Annemie Neyts-Uyttebroeck and Lord Steel of Aikwood

According to LI's homepage:

Liberal International (LI) is the world federation of liberal and progressive democratic political parties. LI was founded in 1947 to strengthen liberal protection from totalitarianism, facism and communism. It has since become the pre-eminent network for promoting liberalism, individual freedom, human rights, the rule of law, tolerance, equality of opportunity, social justice, free trade and a market economy. This site informs you about social liberalism and classic liberalism, our policies, activities and member parties.[1]

Hatchets out for...

The aims of LI become evident if one reads their press releases, a sequence of "condemn" or "denounce" statements. While posturing for democracy and freedom, they often issue critical statements against Hugo Chavez in Venezuela[2]. At its 2007 Hamburg executive meeting, it issued a statement drafted by "Liberatad y Democracia", an umbrella group of Venezuelan "democrats" who are currently out of office, bitterly oppose Chavez, and were allied (or actual plotters) with the 2004 coup plotters.


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