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The Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) is a German "independent, non-profit, non-governmental organisation that is committed to promoting liberal policy and politics." [1] Inspired by the principles of Liberalism, it aims to advance the value of human rights, the rule of law, liberal democracy and the free market economy.

FNF is partly funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Co-operation and Development. FNF is active in the Middle East, it has had offices in Egypt, Israel/Palestine, Jordan, Turkey, Tunisia and Morocco. The main objective of its work in the Middle East is to reinforce the "advancement of liberal forces in Israel and the advancement of understanding between the Jewish majorities and the Arab minorities in Israel." [2]

In many ways, FNF is similar to the Westminster Foundation for Democracy, and to a lesser extent the National Endowment for Democracy or the Open Society Institute. All these foundations aim to influence the political and social climate in key countries under the guise of fostering "liberal" values or "civil society". Just like WFD, FNF is a sinecure for some of its politicians, a platform to become involved in foreign policy, a means to weather years out of office and a route back into government.

FNF works with the American Jewish Committee in organizing events and hosting each others' researchers/operatives. The aim is to promote understanding and combat intolerance of ethnic groups. [3]


FNF provides training for election observers in various countries. For example, in Ghana, FNF worked alongside the Ghana Center For Democratic Development (CDD) to train over 5,500 observers for the 2000 elections. [4] FNF works in co-operation with partner organisations throughout Germany and abroad to promote and extend democratic practices. [5] FNF acts as a think tank where out-of-office politicians can hang out before entering politics or government. Policy papers aim to influence contemporary policy. FNF offers scholarships to foreign students to pursue post-graduate degrees in Germany. [6]


Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees
Walter Scheel - Chairman of honour Jürgen Morlok - Chairman Peter Menke-Glückert, Vice Chairman
Karl-Hans Laermann, Vice Chairman Thomas Bach Hans D. Barbier
Bruno Benthien Hinrich Enderlein Dieter Fertsch-Röver
Ulrich Fickel Richard Fudickar Josef M. Gerwald
Ulrich Goll Helmut Haussmann Peter Jeutter
Detlef Kleinert Günter Kröber Karl-Ulrich Kuhlo
Heinz Lanfermann Walter Rasch Horst Rehberger MdL
Hermann Rind Peter-Emil Rupp Cornelia Schmalz-Jacobsen
Helmut Schmidt Renate Schneider Hermann Otto Solms
Ruth Wagner Joachim Werren  
Source [7]

Board of Directors





External Resources

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Memorable Quotes

"The idea of liberalism has to be recreated. In the course of time it has lost so much of its clarity and attraction that it first has to rise like a new dawn in front of the people." Friedrich Naumann (1906) [9]


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