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Lee Rowley MP for North East Derbyshire

Lee Benjamin Rowley (born 1980) is a Conservative Party politician who was elected as the MP for North East Derbyshire at the 2017 general election.[1]

He defeated the sitting Labour Party MP Natascha Engel, in a seat which had been represented by Labour MPs since 1935.[2]

Rowley is a former banker with Santander in London, where he was a Westminster councillor from 2006 to 2014.[3]

Stance on fracking

‬Rowley"s constituency includes six oil and gas licence blocks, all awarded to chemical firm INEOS by the Oil and Gas Authority under the 14th licensing round in 2015. There are plans for four shale wells, one hrz frac well and 2D and 3D seismic surveying.[4]

In August 2017 Rowley told the Derbyshire Times that he is opposed to potential fracking by INEOS at the Bramley Moor Lane site in Marsh Lane, near Eckington, but is ‘not going to rule out fracking in principle’.

On the specific Marsh Lane application that is the wrong application in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is the wrong application because I think that by any stretch of the imagination that part of Marsh Lane, a rural community, a small village, next to a beautiful set of fields, that is not where we want a significant amount of industrial equipment which would come with fracking. I am going to oppose it and I am going to put my own objections against it to Derbyshire County Council and I am supporting the residents in any way I can on that.'

Not ruling out fracking on principle however

On fracking in general, Rowley told the paper: 'I am willing to look at fracking long term and to look at new ways of producing energy long term if they can be proven to be safe and efficient and effective for the country. I am not going to rule out fracking in principle and if other communities want to do fracking it is not for me to tell whether they can or can’t.[5]

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Chair of shale gas APPG

In March 2018 Rowley was appointed chair of a new Westminster group, the All Party Parliamentary Group on the Impact of Shale Gas.