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Learn Capital is a US education venture capital firm that invests in education technology startups.

Core business

Learn Capital says it 'transforming the way the world learns'. Its website reads:

'We’re in the middle of one of the great revolutions in the history of education. New technologies are not only intensifying classroom learning, but creating a world in which any Internet-enabled device can become a classroom on demand.[1]


As of August 2015:

  • Bridge International Academies
  • Edmodo, a 'social network for students, teachers and educators'
  • Udemy, a marketplace for online learning.
  • Class Dojo, a behavior-tracking app that lets teachers award points or subtract them based on a student’s conduct
  • Learn Zillion, provides digital lesson plans for teachers based on state (common core) standards
  • Creative Live, an online learning platform that broadcasts live classes
  • Brainly, operates a ‘social learning network’ for students to help each other with schoolwork
  • AltSchool, a network of 'micro-schools' based around learning using technology.
  • Coursera, a for-profit edtech company offering online courses (MOOCs)
  • General Assembly, a New York City 'startup campus' featuring courses relevant to internet startups
  • AdvancePath Academies, online schooling

Lobbying for 'Education Reform'

Political links



website: http://learncapital.com
twitter: @LearnCap
address: 20 East 3rd Ave, San Mateo, California, USA


  1. Learn Capital website, accessed August 2015]