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Laboratory Of The Government Chemist (LGC) is an international firm specialising in:

laboratory services, measurement standards, reference materials and proficiency testing marketplaces. Our products and services enable our customers to achieve excellence in investigative, diagnostic and measurement science and to conform to international statutory and regulatory standards. LGC is the UK’s designated National Measurement Institute for chemical and biochemical analysis and is also the host organisation for the UK’s Government Chemist function. [1]


The company was founded in 1996 after the privitisation of the original Laboratory of the Government Chemist, and retains this role. The comapny is owned by management and staff who rely on the services of investment group LGV Capital. Expansions since privitisation are noteworthy: according to their website, acquisitions since 1996 include "outsourcing of analytical services from BNG and Sentinel Performance Solutions; the acquisition of AGOWA, Forensic Alliance Limited, Mikromol, Promochem and University Diagnostics Ltd.".[2]

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