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Sir Keith Craig (28 January 1962) is an army veteran and the current managing director of Holdingham Group Limited, the parent company of Hakluyt, since 24 January 2002.[1]

Craig was one of the names mentioned in 2010 when Norman Baker MP brought the House of Commons' attention to Hakluyt in 2010, along with Niall Fitzgerald, Kieran Prendergast, Sir Rod Eddington, Robert Webb QC and Mark Getty.[2]

The London Evening Standard revealed that Craig had been paid an annual figure of £850,000 by Hakluyt.[3]

Political donations

In the build up to the Scottish independence referendum, Craig donated £10,000 to the Better Together campaign.[4]


Craig is listed as also being a director of Brilite Management Limited and Voyager Business Consulting Limited and as a former director of Intelligence-Based Consulting Limited.[5]


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