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Julie Franklin is a founder and director of the Julie and Martin Franklin Charitable Foundation (EIN: 13-3800643) a grant making foundation which supports various philanthropic causes. The foundation supports a significant number of Jewish and pro-Israel organisations. The Julie and Martin Franklin Charitable Foundation is a major donor to Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, the US body that sends funds to the Israeli Association for the Wellbeing of Israel's Soldiers. Between 2002-2013 the foundation donated $544,200 to the FIDF. [1] Her husband and co-director Martin E. Franklin is a national board member of the FIDF. [2]

In 2003 Franklin travelled to Israel with her family to meet victims of terrorism in Israel and to allocate funds her husband had raised in a triathlon (Franklin reportedly raised half a million US dollars). The trip was organised in conjunction with the OneFamily Fund an organisation which describes itself as 'the national organization assisting Israel’s victims of terror.'[3] [4]


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