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Jon Mendelsohn (Lord Mendelsohn) is a key New Labour fixer, fundraiser and former lobbyist. In 2007 he was appointed as director of election resources for the party under Gordon Brown.

On the 5 September 2013 he was created a Labour peer in the House of Lords.[1]

Early life

Mendelsohn was a member of the 'socialist' Zionist youth group Habonim Dror in his youth. The Jewish Chronicle reported in 1983 on a reunion for members of Habonim from Oxford:

The Oxford reunion - for chaverim who participated in the movement's summer scheme in Israel - was held at a farmhouse. Everyone present received a copy of Habonim's Israel camp diary, a reminder of summer scheme memories and mishaps, compiled by Jonny Mendelsohn and Jonny Freedland, with the help of madrichim, Dan Friedler and Bev Vincent.[2]

In 1986 the Jewish Chronicle reported that:

Close to 140 London members of Habonim Dror participated in the movement's summer camps, contributing greatly to their success. Maqurice Bernstein, Andrew Grossman, Charlie Presburg and Tali Zetuni led Habonim's camp in Israel, from whihc 120 chaverim from throughout Britain retunred bronzed and fulfilled. The 15 year-olds popped on a ferry to Holland to take part in what mazkir Jonathan Gewirtz described as 'a powerful and thought provoking seminar on the Holocaust'. The seminar was supplemented by a four day hike, boarting. and cycling in the Dutch countryside and a visit to Amsterdam. Colin Picker, Liane Brookes, Jonny Mendelsohn, Jonny Friedland, Caroline Jacobs, Hilary Levy amd Suzanne Freed were in charge of the tour.[3]

In 1989-90 Mendelsohn was 'Chairperson' of the Union of Jewish Students.


'right-hand man'

After UJS Mendelsohn became the 'Right-hand man' of Labour MP Greville Janner.

Lobbying and links to New Labour

Mendelsohn was appointed as a part time advisor to Tony Blair in 1994. He later co-founded lobbying firm LLM Communications, which was bought by PR firm Financial Dynamics. In 2007, Mendelsohn left FD-LLM to return to the Labour Party to become director of General Election resources and its chief fundraiser. Mendelsohn was later embroiled in Labour’s funding scandal, and faced calls to quit after it was alleged he knew of arrangements to fund the Labour Party through intermediaries.[4]

According to the Jewish Chronicle: "Mendelsohn, who will report directly to International Development Secretary Douglas Alexander - Labour's general election co-ordinator - is charged with bolstering the party's finances, membership and organisation ahead of the election. The reports noted that Mendelsohn had been an adviser to Tony Blair from 1995-97, was co-founder of lobbying outfit LLM Communications and had provided £5,000 to help fund Brown's uncontested leadership campaign. [5]

The Chronicle also noted Mendelsohn's 'work for Ruth Parasol, the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, who made her first fortune through an internet sex site before becoming one of the biggest players in the online gaming industry at PartyGaming.'

The Chronicle reported that Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran 'recall that they had met Mendelsohn in the late 1990s when his firm was allegedly telling clients that it could supply them with an advanced copy of the Chancellor's Mansion House speech, a key event of the financial calendar. "Obviously Gordon doesn't hold any of that against Mendelsohn," the writers suggest.'

The Chronicle also notes a reference to Mendelsohn in the Mail on Sunday's Black Dog diary column. 'It suggested that the lobbyist's "number one asset is his feisty wife Nicola", an advertising executive who is a "ferocious networker, whose contacts range from the Prince of Wales to London's business elite". It notes her personal mantra is "Chutzpah is everything".'[6]



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