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John M. Olin Foundation, Source: Rightweb IRC

The New York-based John M. Olin Foundation, which grew out of the Olin Corporation a family manufacturing business (chemical and munitions), funded a range of US right-wing think tanks until it closed its doors in 2005.


Its more notable grantees included the American Enterprise Institute, the Heritage Foundation, the Manhattan Institute for Public Policy Research, the Hoover Institute of War, Revolution and Peace and right-wing academics such as Charles Murray and Dinesh D’Souza.

It also gave large sums of money to promote conservative programs in the country's most prestigious colleges and universities.

The foundation was also one of the top contributors to the counterjihad organisation David Horowitz Freedom Center according to IRS filings in 2013, donating a total of USD $2,285,000. [1]

Top Olin grantees 1985-2005

Harvard University $26,016,819 University of Chicago $21,216,891 Washington University $20,767,686 Yale University $17,282,509 University of Rochester $9,725,230 Stanford University 8,944,835 Heritage Foundation $8,620,835 American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research $7,507,124 George Mason University $6,890,824 Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, Inc. $5,699,500 Harvard Law School $5,545,345 Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace $5,190,660 Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies $4,790,000 New York University $4,323,105 University of Virginia $4,199,066 Columbia University $4,064,000 National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc. $3,876,400 Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Inc. $3,502,600 Hudson Institute, Inc. $3,034,840 Georgetown University $2,759,082 Princeton University $2,744,759 [2]


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