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Jim O’Neill is the commercial secretary to the chancellor, George Osborne and HM Treasury and the former chief economist at Goldman Sachs.

O'Neill will also be awarded a peerage by the Conservative government.[1]


O'Neill worked for Goldman Sachs from 1995 until April 2013, predominately as chief economist. He became known for coining the phrase 'Brics', to describe the rapid economic rise of Brazil, Russia, India and China in 2001.[2]

He then chaired the Cities Growth Commission in the UK until October 2014, when it provided its final recommendations.[2]

In May 2015, after the general election, George Osborne announced on Twitter that O'Neill had been appointed commercial secretary to the Treasury, ' to make devolution and the Northern Powerhouse happen'.[3][4]

O'Neill is also the chair of a formal review into anti-microbial resistance, which will make recommendations in spring 2016.[2]




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