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Captain (rtd.) James Monckton heads the International Issues Management team at Chelgate which he joined in October 2019.[1] He was Director of Operations at Global Influence, 2017-2019.[2] Prior to that he 'served in the Coldstream Guards (2012-2017), including an assignment to the 77th Brigade where he specialised in countering violent extremism and strategic communication.'[2]

According to Chelgate:

Jamie has a wealth of unique experience in international opinion and information management, leading some of the UK Ministry of Defence’s most demanding Discreet Information and Influence efforts to combat violent extremism in the middle east. Jamie, who speaks Arabic, led his team to conduct what were among the world’s largest and most influential information / behaviour change campaigns, using some of the most advanced techniques ever deployed by any nation. Blending theoretical knowledge with a great depth of practical experience Jamie was at the vanguard of UK efforts in this new environment of influence and persuasion . He has also advised international intelligence services and royal families on opinion management, information control and modern strategic communications.[1]


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