Israeli Coalition for the Refugees of Darfur and Sudan

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The Israeli Coalition for the Refugees of Darfur and Sudan was set up in 2007 as a coalition composed of 20 member organisations including the American Jewish Committee, Brit Olam, The Humanitarian Fund of the Kibbutz Movement, MDA - Magen David Adom, and Women to Women Association. The group was created at the same time as the Israel Won't Forget campaign, whose goals include providing humanitarian relief directly to the refugees of Darfur who have escaped to specific regions in Northern and Central Africa.[1]

Presumably the group has concluded its activities because as of May 2009 its website appears to have closed down.


American Jewish Committee | Brit Olam – the International Israeli-Jewish Volunteer Movement | B'Tzedek | The Hotline For Migrant Workers | Humanitarian Fund of the Kibbutz Movement | Hashomer Hatzair Youth Movement | Israel's Disaster Relief Fund | Machnot HaOlim Youth Movement | The Hotline for Immigrants | MADA - Magen David Adom | Meretz Youth Movement | National Council for Voluntarism in Israel | New Acropolis Movement | Topaz |Association for the Advancement and Empowerment of Children and Youth | Working and Learning Youth Movement | Women to Women Association | Student Unions of Universities and Colleges in Israel


Web: (defunct as of May 2009)

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