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Israel, Britain and the Commonwealth Association (IBCA) is a pro-Israel organisation based in Israel. It was founded as the Ottoman Society, later changing its name to the current one.[1] According to the website of the organisation it was founded with the encouragement of the British Embassy in order to 'maintain and develop contacts and relations between Israel and the United Kingdom and the countries of the British Commonwealth.'[1] In 1980 IBCA was registered as an Israeli non profit.[1]


Honorary Members

Matthew Gould MBE | Daniel Taub | Miri Eisen | Lord Janner | Dr. L. Kopelowitz | Lord Levy | Professor Moshe Many | Dame Shirley Porter DBE | Dan Propper MBE | Lord Rothschild | Moshe Raviv | Ralph Rurka | Lord Weidenfeld | Leah Zinder

Executive Committee

Prof. Alex Deutsch (Chairman) | Sam Lewis (Vice Chairman) | Roger Lavender (Hon. Treasurer) | Jeanette Cannon (Hon. Membership Secretary) | Anton Felton | Irene Gee | Brenda Katten | Michael Rosenfelder | Austen Science | Dr. Alan Webber | Renee Singer (Administrator)


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