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The Information Collection Program was a US financed operation by the Iraqi National Congress (INC) to collect intelligence on Iraq. It supplied false intelligence about weapons of mass destruction and Saddam Hussein's links to Al Qaeda to the US Government and the international media.[1]

Summary of ICP product cited in major English-language news outlets worldwide (October 2001-May 2002)

In a 26 June 2002 letter to the Senate Appropriations Committee, the INC listed 108 articles based on information from the program. Journalists Jonathan S. Landay and Tish Wells, who obtained a copy of the list, state that "Many of the stories noted that the information they contained couldn't be independently verified."[2]

1. Sunday Times (London), May 26, 2002, Sunday, Saddam's men kill 40 in mosque fight. Marie Colvin
2. The Observer, Sunday May 26, 2002, Don’t wag your finger at us, Mr. Bush
3. Agence France Presse, May 22, 2002, Iraq's new Tunis envoy linked to al-Qaeda: opposition
4. Agence France Presse, May 13, 2002, US stepping up contacts with Iraqi opposition groups: paper, WASHINGTON
5. Time, May 13, 2002, Inside Saddam's World; The U.S. likes to portray Iraq's regime as shaky. But TIME's reporting inside Iraq suggests Saddam isn't losing his grip
6. Time, May 13, 2002, WORLD/Inside Saddam’s World; What Saddam's Got, Much of his chemical and biological weaponry remains unaccounted for, and he’s working nukes, by Josh Tyrangiel.
7. Time, May 13, 2002, WORLD/Inside Saddam’s World; "We're Taking Him Out", His war on Iraq may be delayed, but Bush still vows to remove Saddam. Here's a look at White House plans.
8. Agence France Presse, May 10, 2002, Baghdad massing troops at border with Kurdish areas: opposition
9. The Straits Times (Singapore), May 7, 2002, Bad Boys; Playboy sons of world leaders coming under the scrutiny of the law
10. IPR Strategic Business Information Database, May 6, 2002, “Iraqi opposition looks to the future”
11. IPR Strategic Business Information Database, May 6, 2002, Not all asylum-seekers what they appear to be
12. Wall Street Journal, May 2, 2002, The oil “Top-off”: Another way Iraq Cheats UN, by Steve Stecklow
13. The Atlantic Monthly, May 2002, Tales of the Tyrant-The Private Life & Inner World of Saddam Hussein by Mark Bowden
14. Vanity Fair, May 2002, Special Report: Inside Saddam's Deadly Arsenal
15. The Guardian (London), April 30, 2002, G2: The exiles: As the west gears up for another war against Saddam Hussein, one group of people is watching developments more anxiously than most
16. United Press International, April 30, 2002, Feature: The Sun also rises, by John Bloom in New York
17. Czech News Agency, April 29, 2002, Iraq received Czech weapons system
18. Sun Herald (Sydney) , April 28, 2002, Hussein agents among asylum seekers, by Paul Daley in London.
19. Sunday Age (Melbourne), April 28, 2002 Sunday, Saddam agents in Australia: Exiles, by Paul Daley
20. Sunday Age (Melbourne), April 28, 2002, Their mission, topple Saddam, with or without the U.S., by Paul Daley
21. The Daily Telegraph (London), April 27, 2002, Plotter of Saddam's fall pleads case in US, by Toby Harnden in Washington
22. AP Online, April 25, 2002, Iraq Kurds possibly al-Qaida linked by Louis Meixler, Associated Press writer, Ankara, Turkey
23. Middle East News Online, April 19, 2002, Pentagon eyeing Iraq’s weapons development efforts
24. CNN International, April 17, 2002, Wednesday: Q& A with Zain Verjee; A look at the possibility of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
25. BBC Monitoring, April 9, 2002, Analysis: Broadcasts for the Iraqi people
26. The Daily Telegraph (London), April 09, 2002, Tuesday, Pg. 27, 692 words, How Saddam will go
27. NPR-FRESH AIR, April 4, 2002, Mark Bowden discusses Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi leader’s personal life and outlook.
28. The Bulletin's Frontrunner, April 3, 2002, Iraq said to have plotted suicide bombings of U.S. ships
29. Daily News (New York), April 3, 2002, Defector: I bought Iraq nukes by Helen Kennedy
30. The American Enterprise, April 1, 2002, Iraqi partners? Scan; Iraqi National Congress
31. CNBC News Transcripts, Hardball with Chris Matthews, March 26, 2002 Tuesday, guest: Scott Peterson of the Christian Science Monitor, discusses interviews with Iraqi opposition defectors
32. The New Yorker, March 25, 2002, The Great Terror; In northern Iraq, there is new evidence of Saddam Hussein’s genocidal war on the Kurds – and of his possible ties to al Qaeda, by Jeffrey Goldberg
33. Newsweek, March 25, 2002, Iraq in the Balance, by Evan Thomas and Roy Gutman; with Rod Nordland in London, Daniel Klaidman with Cheney, Owen Matthews in Kurdistan and Christopher Dickey in Paris
34. Agence France Press, March 24, 2002, Iraq offers to receive U.S. team to look into fate of missing pilot
35. Agence France Presse, March 22, 2002, Dissident Iraqi officer backs claim U.S. pilot was captured by Baghdad
36. Kuwait News Agency, March 22, 2002, Iraq: Leading Ba'ath Party figure reportedly executed
37. The Guardian (London), March 20, 2002, G2: Does Blair know what he's getting into?, by Christopher Hitchens
38. The Kansas City Star, March 20, 2002, U.S. pilots shot down in Gulf War reported seen in Baghdad in l998, by David Goldstein
39. The Daily Telegraph, March 18, 2002, Saddam 'armed bin Laden and funded al-Qa'eda allies', by Toby Harnden, in Washington
40. The Observer, March 17, 2002, Observer Investigation: News Special: The Iraq crisis: Should we go to war against this man?: As war fever grows in Washington and London we assess the evidence against Saddam Hussein and ask whether he has the will and the weapons to threaten world peace, Special report by Peter Beaumont, Kamal Ahmed and Edward Helmore in New York
41. Sunday Times, (London), March 17, 2002, Saddam’s arsenal revealed, Marie Colvin and Nicholas Rufford.
42. The Guardian (London), March 15, 2002, Special-Report: Iraq: the myth and the reality: As the drumbeat grows louder for a possible attack on Baghdad, we ask arms inspectors and military and foreign affairs experts: is Saddam as dangerous as the US makes out, and what would be the consequences of war?
43. Fox News Network, Fox On The Record with Greta Van Susteren, March 14, 2002, Interview With Sharif Ali Bin Al-Hussein, Sharif Ali Bin Al-Hussein, Greta Van Susteren
44. Insight on the News, March 11, 2002, Nation: The Axis of Evil; Is it Time to Topple Saddam?, by Jamie Dettmer
45. BBC Monitoring International Reports, March 6, 2002, Iraq: Explosions at Iraqi TV Complex – INC opposition cited
46. Kuna news agency web site, 5 Mar 02, Explosions at Iraqi TV complex – opposition
47. Agence France Presse, March 5, 2002, Explosions at broadcasting center near Baghdad, opposition claims
48. The Evening Standard (London), March 5, 2002, Saddam is the next US target; After the deaths of eight American soldiers in Afghanistan, by Christopher Hitchens
49. CBS News Transcripts, 60 Minutes, March 3, 2002, Iraqi National Congress
50. Chicago Sun-Times, March 3, 2002, One man’s strategy for ousting Hussein, by George Will
51. BBC Monitoring International Reports, February 20, 2002, Iraqi opposition says “state of emergency” declared
52. Agence France Presse, February 19, 2002, Iraq places state institutions on high alert: opposition
53. Insight on the News, February 18, 2002, Rogues Lending Hand to Saddam, Kenneth R. Timmerman
54. Agence France Presse, February 12, 2002, Anti-Saddam forces target Iraqi oil installations: opposition
55. The Economist, February 2, 2002, Know thine enemy - Weapons proliferation
56. Vanity Fair, February 2002, Inside Saddam's Regime of Terror, by David Rose
57. Newsweek, January 21, 2002, Next Year in Baghdad, by Christopher Dickey; with Hadani Ditmars in Baghdad and Roy Gutman in Washington
58. BBC Monitoring International Reports, January 2, 2002, Iraq: Explosion in arms depot reported in government-controlled Kirkuk
59. Courier Mail, December 22, 2001, Defector has Iraqi secrets for Australia by Linda McSweeny
60. The Times (London), December 22, 2001, Powell rejects call for war on Iraq by Damian Whitworth in Washington
61. The Weekend Australian, December 22, 2001, Brother fears for Iraqi defector
62. Birmingham Post, December 21, 2001, Friday, Defector tells of Iraqi secret weapons project
63. Calgary Herald, December 21, 2001, Iraqi defector gives chemical weapons details: Tells of secret factories building in residential areas by Damian Whitworth and Tom Baldwin
64. The Daily Telegraph (London), December 21, 2001, Defector tells of Saddam's nuclear arms by Ben Fenton
65. The Express, December 21, 2001, FBI chiefs fear American with a grudge is behind letters that killed five people as U.S. fire bosses face new dilemma; Sacked scientist suspected in hunt for anthrax maniac
66. The Independent, (London), December 21. 2001, Campaign against terrorism: Defector claims he saw Saddam’s bioweapon plants by Andrew Gumbel
67. Investor's Business Daily, December 21, 2001, Today's Main News
68. National Review, December 21, 2001, National Review Online; Guest Comment, Who's Next?, By Eli J. Lake
69. The Nation (Thailand), December 21, 2001, Iraqi weapons informant interviewed in Bangkok
70. The Ottawa Citizen, December 21, 2001, Iraq speeds up chemical weapons: defector
71. AAP NEWSFEED, December 21, 2001, Fed: Iraqi defector tells of chemical, biological weapons
72. Asia Pulse, December 21. 2001, Iraqi defector gives Australian Govt weapons
73. Edmonton Journal, December 21, 2001, Iraqi defector says he renovated Saddam’s secret weapons labs. Testimony confirms suspicions held by weapons inspectors
74. Philadelphia Daily News, December 21, 2001, Defectors: Iraq fixed nuke sites, sent saboteurs
75. The Times (London), December 21, 2001, New whirlpool in store for Saddam, by Bronwen Maddox Foreign Editor
76. The Washington Post, December 21, 2001, Powell Wary of Iraq Move; U.S. Eyes Somalia in Continuing Al Qaeda Hunt, by Alan Sipress and Peter Slevin.
77. The Times (London), December 21, 2001, Iraq 'speeds work on nuclear weapons'
78. Agence France Presse, December 20, 2001, Iraqi defector describes work on secret bio sites
79. AP Worldstream, December 20, 2001, Dateline: New York, Report; Iraqi defector speaks of renovating secret weapons facilities in Baghdad
80. The Associated Press, December 20, 2001, Dateline: New York, Report: Iraqi defector speaks of renovating secret weapons facilities in Baghdad
81. The Deseret News (Salt Lake City, UT), December 20, 2001, Defector tells of Iraq N-work
82. Periscope Defense News Capsules, December 20, 2001, Iraq – Defector: Saddam still pursues WMDs
83. Press Association, December 20, 2001, Iraq steps up bio weapons programme – Defector, by Hugh Dougherty
84. United Press International, December 20, 2001, Defector tells of hidden weapons sites
85. The New York Times, December 20, 2001, A nation challenged: Secret sites; Iraqi tells of renovations at sites for chemical and nuclear arms, by Judith Miller
86. The New York Times, December 16,2001, A nation challenged; Intelligence; New clue fails to explain Iraq role in Sept. l1 attack, by Chris Hedges with Donald G. McNeil, Jr.
87. USA TODAY, December 3, 2001, Targeting Saddam: Was there an Iraqi 9/11 link? by Peter Eisler
88. Moscow News, November 28, 2001, Endangered species by Ilya Baranikas
89. Weekly Standard, November 26, 2001, Preparing for Iraq; Is the State Department getting interested in taking on Saddam? by Eli L. Lake
90. Belfast News Letter, November 14, 2001, 81 Kuwaities ‘imprisoned in Iraqi Jail’
91. Birmingham Post, November 13, 2001, War on Terror: Saddam is ‘involved in U.S. attacks’
92. The Orlando Sentinel, November 13, 2001, Iraqi defectors: Kuwaitis in jail
93. The San Diego Union-Tribune, November 13, 2001, Iraq said to hold Kuwaiti prisoners
94. The Seattle Times, November 13, 2001, World Headlines, pg. A7
95. The Washington Times, November 13, 2001, World Scene, pg. A15
96. Western Mail, November 13, 2001, Iraq ‘has 80 Kuwaiti prisoners’; defectors
97. Agence France Presse, November 12, 2001, Iraqi defector talks of terrorist training camps
98. The Associated Press, November 12, 2001, Dateline: Cairo. Iraqi opposition says two former members of Iraqi intelligence report 80 Kuwaitis in secret jail
99. The New York Times, November 12, 2001, Iraqi defectors tell of Kuwaitis in secret jail in Baghdad, by Chris Hedges in Beirut, Lebanon.
100. The Observer, November 11, 2001, Focus Special: The Terrorism Crisis: The Iraqi connection: Iraq is the target of American hawks who see its hand in terrorist attacks. But what is the evidence? After a month-long investigation, David Rose reports on the links between Saddam and the 11 September hijackers
101. The New York Times, November 10, 2001, Iraqi Opposition Says U.S. Denied Money for Intelligence Effort, By Patrick E. Tyler, from Washington
102. The Hamilton Spectator, November 9, 2001, Iraq is training terrorists: defectors
103. The Times (London), November 9, 2001, Saddam's terror training camp teaches hijacking, by Richard Beeston, Diplomatic Editor
104. The Vancouver Sun, November 9, 2001, Is Iraq, not bin Laden, real force behind terror? By Jonathan Manthorpe
105. The New York Times, November 8, 2001, A nation challenged: The school; Defectors cite Iraqi training for terrorism, by Chris Hedges
106. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, October 23, 2001, Iraq’s terrorist role must be examined
107. AP Online, October 23, 2001, Ex-CIA chief suggests Iraq involved, by Anne Usher, Associated Press Writer
108. The Washington Post, October 12, 2001, Editorial: What About Iraq?[3]


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