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Sir Ian Andrews (bottom left) with fellow members of the D Notice Committee during his time at the Ministry of Defence.

Sir Ian Andrews is the former chairman of the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA).[1] Prior to joining SOCA Sir Ian spent 30 years working in the Ministry of Defence rising to second permanent secretary.[2]


Andrews was educated at Solihull School and Bristol University where he read Geography.[2]

Ministry of Defence

Andrews joined the Ministry of Defence after studying geography at Bristol University. Hre working in a number of Head Office policy branches, in HM Naval Base, Rosyth, in the Defence Arms Control Unit and on the China desk in the Defence Sales Organisation. He also attended the NATO Defense College in Rome and, as a member of the Territorial Army, served for a year as a regular officer in Germany while on leave of absence from the civil service.[3]

After a period in the Private Office of the then Secretary of State for Defence in the late 1980s, he was involved in the post Cold War review of the size and shape of the Army 'Options for Change.' He returned to Germany as the senior civilian on the staff of the British Forces’ headquarters. Subsequent appointments included Managing Director of the Defence Research and Evaluation Agency, and as Chief Executive of the then Defence Estates Agency. He became Second Permanent Under Secretary of the MOD in 2002 where his Board responsibilities included oversight of the UK Defence Academy.[3]

Andrews was a member of the D-Notice Committee as of January 2002.[4] He was still on the committee as of January 2008.[5]

Andrews retired from MOD at the end of March 2009.[3]

Serious Organised Crime Agency

Andrews was appointed Non-Executive Chairman of the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) in August 2009. In that role he was closely involved in planning for the transition to the new National Crime Agency which will succeed it in October 2013. Other interests include providing support to Defence Diplomacy activity in Chile, contributing to various public sector leadership initiatives and as a consultant to the Transparency International Defence and Security Integrity Programme.[3]

In July 2013, the Independent reported that Sir Ian's wife, Moira Andrews worked for the Good Governance Group, which the paper characterised as an 'apparent conflict of interest'.[6]

Andrews resigned as chair of SOCA on 1 August 2013, with effect from the following day. The Home Office stated:

Sir Ian tendered his resignation because of a failure to declare an interest in a management consultancy company which he is required to do in the SOCA Register of Director’s Interests.[7]

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