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Alias: unknown
Deployment: 1980s
single left-wing group

HN125 is the cipher given to a former undercover officer with the Special Demonstration Squad who was deployed in the 1980s into a single, unnamed left-wing group. According to the Chair of the Undercover Policing Inquiry, Sir John Mitting, HN125's deployment was unremarkable and no known allegation of misconduct was made against him.[1]

His real and cover names are being restricted for the purposes of the Inquiry.[2]

  • For details of the N-numbers cipher system see the N officers page.

In the Undercover Policing Inquiry

Ruling (Mar 2018): cover and real name to be restricted.[1]

HN125 is in his 60s and is retired.[1] Mitting's 'Minded To' note of Jan 2018 stated HN125 has suffered from an incurable progressive medical condition, which has recently deteriorated. Expert medical opinion has said to participate in the Inquiry would cause relapse and deterioration, so took would any public exposure of his role as an undercover officer. Closed reasons accompany this, which are closed for reasons of 'medical confidentiality'.[3]

Restriction order application material: Open application (16 Nov 2017), medical report (gisted, Dr. Busuttil) & additional medical report from an unnamed neurologist (gisted)

Inquiry decisions: Minded-to (25 Jan 2018): restriction order over both real and cover names[4] Provisional decision (5 Mar 2018): restrict real & cover name with application to be heard on 21 March 2018.[5] Ruling (Mar 2018): cover and real name to be restricted.[1]