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Guy Rodgers, Source: Youtube screengrab

Guy Rodgers is the executive director of anti-Islam group ACT! for America, and a Republican Party consultant who helped build the Christian Coalition, once the most potent political organisations on the US Christian right.

According to journalist Bob Smietana, IRS filings from 2008 show that Rodgers earned $154,900 from the David Horowitz Freedom Center, a conservative nonprofit. [1]

ACT has a cable television show that Rodgers co-hosts with Brigitte Gabriel.


Laurie Goodstein reports

To build her organization, Ms.[Brigitte] Gabriel has enlisted Mr. Rodgers, who had worked behind the scenes for the Christian Coalition’s leaders, Ralph Reed and the television evangelist Pat Robertson. (Ms. Gabriel herself was once an anchor for Mr. Robertson’s Christian television network in the Middle East).
As national field director, Mr. Rodgers planted and tended Christian Coalition chapters across the country, and is now using some of the same strategies as executive director of ACT! Among those tactics is creating “nonpartisan voter guides” that rank candidates’ responses and votes on issues important to the group.
Just as with the Christian Coalition’s voter guides, the candidates whose positions most often align with ACT!‘s are usually Republicans. Mr. Rodgers previously served as campaign manager for Patrick J. Buchanan’s presidential run in 1996, and as a consultant for John McCain in 2008.



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