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Guy Liddell was a senior MI5 officer.

In 1933, Liddell accompanied Frank Foley, the Berlin station chief of MI6, on a liaison visit to Nazi Germany.[1]

In the post-war period, Liddell was seconded to deal with security for the Atomic Energy Authority.[2]

Liddell was the internal candidate to head MI5 at the retirement of Sir David Petrie in 1945, but was passed over by Clement Attlee in favour of Percy Sillitoe.[3] Along with Roger Hollis and Dick White, Liddell was said to be among the officers who tried to undermine Sillitoe, a former Chief Constable of Kent.[4]

John Costello's 1988 Mask of Treachery speculated that Liddell was the so-called Fifth Man, in a Soviet Spy Ring, later named by Christopher Andrew and Oleg Gordievsky as John Cairncross.[5]

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