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Gustav Scheller was the co-founder, with his wife Elsa Scheller, of the Christian Zionist organisation Ebenezer Emergency Fund International. According to the website of the organisation Scheller was told by God to facilitate aliyah to Israel from the former Soviet Union:

In 1982 God showed Gustav Scheller (a Swiss businessman living with his wife, Elsa, in Bournemouth, UK) that it was His plan and purpose to bring the Jewish people back to Israel, and that He would use Gustav to help Him do so. In 1991 the Lord spoke to Gustav in Jerusalem, " Now is the time to start helping my people to return from the land of the north." Gustav understood that the biblical " Land of the North" not only referred mainly to Russia, but included all the countries of the former Soviet Union (fSU). Responding to this word from the Lord, Scheller founded Ebenezer Operation Exodus, an international, interdenominational Christian organization, with the purpose of helping Jewish people return to Israel.[1]


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