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Greenwatch was started in June 2002 by the Capital Research Center. It runs the usual anti-Kyoto, anti-green articles, including reviewing the book “Eco-Imperialism: Green Power, Black Death” by Paul Driessen of the Center for Defense of Free Enterprise as well as Atlas Economic Research Foundation,[1] Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) and Frontiers of Freedom Institute[2]. Other articles applaud a “world without Greenpeace? That's just another imaginary horrible for environmentalists. For people tired of Greenpeace's hijinks, it would be a Christmas wish come true.”[3]

The CRC and Greenwatch have issued papers on what they see as the growing threat of International NGOs and their lack of accountability. In July 2003 the CRC issued “NGO Accountability: What the U.S. Can Teach the U.N - Applying U.S. Nonprofit Disclosure Laws to International NGOs”[4], and in November 2003 “The International Green Agenda - U.S. Foundations Support Environmental Activists on the World Stage[5].” The later was written by Ivan G. Osorio from the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

David Riggs was also at the AEI / IPA conference “We're Not from the Government, But We're Here to Help You - Nongovernmental Organizations: The Growing Power of an Unelected Few,” in June 2003




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