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Graham Stuart

Graham Stuart has been the Conservative Party MP for Beverley and Holderness since 2005.[1] In the 2015 general election he retained his seat with a majority of 12,203. [2]

Stance on fracking

Stuart states on his website:

'Fracking exploration should only continue if it is safe and has no significant negative impact on our countryside. I will monitor the progress of any application in Beverley & Holderness very carefully.
The Government is creating a regulatory regime for fracking that provides clear, strong protections for the environment and has introduced draft regulations to Parliament which define the areas in which fracking will be banned.'

Stuart's constituency includes three oil and gas licence blocks, awarded to Cuadrilla by the Oil and Gas Authority under its 14th licensing round in 2015. There are plans for 2D seismic surveying. [3] No applications are currently underway.

Rathlin energy

In June 2015, East Yorkshire council approved Rathlin Energy’s application for two exploratory gas wells at West Newton, within Stuart's constituency.[4]

In August 2016, Rathlin Energy received an environmental permit to extract conventional gas at West Newton, East Yorkshire.[5]

Commenting on the decision, Stuart said:

'The words 'Rathlin' and 'fracking' have no connection. Rathlin Energy are not fracking, will not frack and will not sell licences to frack at Crawberry Hill or West Newton. The company has never fracked anywhere. They have said they are seeking conventional reserves of gas and oil and, if they find them, will extract them, in accordance with their legitimate permits and licences.'

Voting record

Stuart has voted a mixture of for and against increased regulation on fracking. [6]

  • 26 January 2015: voted against making fracking companies apply for an environmental permit before conducting exploratory drilling. He voted against an amendment to the Infrastructure Bill to include an 18 month moratorium on fracking.
  • 11 February 2015: voted in favour of requiring more pre-conditions for where fracking can take place.
  • 16 December 2015: voted in favour of weakening regulations on fracking in protected areas and national parks.


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