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The US-based Gorlin Group describes itself as 'A Washington-based consultancy with more than twenty years of experience providing strategic advice and analysis on the nexus of intellectual property and international trade issues'[1].


On their website, The Gorlin Group advertise the following services[2]...

  • Industry Coalition Management - 'cross-industry coalition to provide international advocacy in support of full patentability of biotechnology inventions'.
  • U.S. Government Representation - 'Assisted in gaining U.S. Government support and intervention'.
  • Strategy Development and Implementation - 'Worked with local pharmamceutical industry representatives to enact legislation and regulations to gain TRIPS/FTA-level intellectual property protection in key countries'.
  • Assistance in New Product Launches
  • Optimization of Market Exclusivity - 'Developed TRIPS-based arguments and strategy and provided advice to leverage intellectual property protection'.
  • Assistance in Legal Defense - 'developing TRIPS-based rebuttals to public policy compulsory license applications'.
  • Public Diplomacy - 'At client's request, provided economic and commercial rationales for improved intellectual property protection to key foreign government officials'.
  • Ongoing Analysis of International Intellectual Property-related Developments


  • Jacques J Gorlin[3] - Gorlin is Vice-Chair of the Industry Trade Advisory Committee on Intellectual Property Rights (ITAC 15 - a private sector group that advises the Secretary of Commerce) and the U.S. Trade Representative on trade policy, and is a member of the Commission on Intellectual Property of the International Chamber of Commerce.
  • His previous involvements include serving as the Director of the Intellectual Property Committee, industry advisor to the US Delegations (2003 and 2005) at the Ministerial Conferences of the World Trade Organization, official Industry observer at the Convention on Biological Diversity, U.S. Delegation to the APEC Seminar on TRIPS Implementation and President of the American BioIndustry Alliance (ABIA) Gorlin also 'closely monitored the 1992 Rio negotiations that established the Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD) and provided industry views to U.S. negotiators on the intellectual property-related provisions of that treaty. Since, he has provided ongoing advice to the pharmaceutical industry on CBD-related issues, including an analysis of the implications for the pharmaceutical industry of U.S. membership in the CBD'.
  • Gorlin has also served in a number of senior positions in both the Executive and Legislative branches of Government. senior international economist in the Department of the Treasury and in the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (1972-1977), senior economic advisor to Senator Jacob K. Javits (1977-1981) - where he headed the Senator's economic staff and served as the Senator's liaison with the New York business and banking communities, Executive Assistant to the Under Secretary of State for Economic Affairs (1981), and Senior Economic Advisor to the Administrator of the Agency for International Development (1982).


In 2008, The Gorlin Group report a 'partial' list of their past and current clients as[4]...




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