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Godfrey Robson

Godfrey Robson is a senior consultant at the International Center for Alcohol Policies (ICAP) and director of Lloyds TSB in Scotland. His most recent post with ICAP involved co-editing the ICAP Blue Book: Practical Guides to Alcohol Policy and Targeted Interventions. [1]. Robson also sits on the advisory board of Glasgow Caledonian University's Centre for Ethics in Public Policy and Corporate Governance [2]. He is Chairman of Frontline Consultants, Scotland's largest independent management consultancy, and a trustee of Caledonia Youth, Scotland's national young people's sexual health charity [3].

Past Career

According to his biography on the ICAP website his past roles mainly include work as a civil servant:[4]

  • Head of Economic and Industrial Affairs Scotland Scottish Office
  • Director of Health Policy in Scotland, Scottish Office
  • Involved in developing the current Scottish plan for action on alcohol policies


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