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Gillian Evelyn Joynson-Hicks (nee Schluter), Viscountess Brentford, is an evangelical activist. She is a patron of the moral conservative advocacy group the Family Education Trust (formerly Family and Youth Concern).[1]

She became the president of the Evangelical Church Mission Society in 1998 and the Third Church Estates Commissioner.[2]. She is a chartered accountant by profession and close friend of former archbishop of Canterbury George Carey.[3] She is also a patron of Concordis International.[4] Viscountess Brentford was awarded an OBE in 1996 for ‘for humanitarian services & services to community in London’.[5]

Joynson Hicks and her husband Viscount Brentford are on the evangelical wing of the church and opposed the ordination of the openly gay canon, Dr Jeffrey John, as Bishop of Reading. According to The Times:

Significantly, the Church Society, which has led opposition to Dr John and Dr Williams, is headed by Viscount Brentford, an evangelical layman.
His wife, Lady Brentford, was one of the evangelicals on the Archbishops' Council inherited by Dr Williams from his predecessor, Dr George Carey. She handed over to the former newspaper editor Andreas Whittam Smith, First Church Estates Commissioner, when she retired last month.[6]

Support for the Christian People’s Alliance

In 2000 Viscountess Brentford wrote a letter to the Daily Telegraph in support of Ram Gidoomal, a candidate for the Christian People’s Alliance.[7]

High Sheriff Appointment

In 1998 Viscountess Brentford became the High Sheriff of East Sussex.[8] According to a diary piece in The Times Viscountess Brentford asked the police if she could ‘come to train with riot police and sit in a squad car chasing criminals - because she said she wants to know what it feels like’.[9]

Links to the Archbishop of Canterbury

According to the Telegraph, Joynson-Hicks was 'a close friend of Dr Carey and his wife Eileen, she is said to have enormous influence with the Archbishop... Lady Brentford often arrives at meetings in the Archbishop's car.'[10]

According to the Daily Mail's Ephraim Hardcastle column Joynson-Hicks was given a 'grace and favour cottage at Lambeth Palace she has enjoyed since Dr Carey moved out his gardener to make way for her.' The paper also notes that Joynson-Hicks was at that stage 'on the Crown Appointments Commission considering Dr Carey's successor.'[11]

The Telegraph describes her as: 'One of the Great and Good, and with links to Holy Trinity, Brompton, the high temple of fashionable evangelical worship, Lady Brentford is said by some to be "Carey's fixer".'[10]


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