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Gavin Lockhart is a former special adviser to the Prime Minister David Cameron.[1] In this role he was responsible for supporting development of the criminal justice reform programme that is being delivered by the Coalition Government'. [2]

Lockhart-Mirams resigned from the government in May 2011. He set up and became Managing Director of Crest Advisory seven months later. The Advisory Committee on Business Appointments noted with concern that Lockhart-Mirams had failed to approach them for over a year to seek permission before taking up his new position. He was subject to the usual ban from lobbying two years from lobbying UK Government Ministers or Crown servants, including Special Advisers, on behalf of his company. [3]


After graduating in 2002, Lockhart worked as a management consultant prior to working for the neoconservative think-tank Policy Exchange as Head of the Crime and Justice Unit from August 2006 to 2009.[4] Following this, he worked as Criminal Justice and Health Policy Adviser in the Conservative Policy Unit.[5]

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