Fundación para las Relaciones Internacionales y el Diálogo Exterior

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FRIDE "is a think tank based in Madrid that aims to provide the best and most innovative thinking on Europe’s role in the international arena. It strives to break new ground in its core research interests of peace and security, human rights, democracy promotion, and development and humanitarian aid, and mould debate in governmental and non-governmental bodies through rigorous analysis, rooted in the values of justice, equality and democracy." [1]

Research Areas

The FRIDE website lists four key research areas for the Spanish think tank, these are Democracy and Human Rights policies, Europe and the international System, Security and Conflict and Development Cooperation[2].

Democracy and Human Rights Policies

FRIDE's 2009 publications in the area of Democracy and Human Rights Policies are concerned with Venezuela's "transition from democracy to authoritarianism"[3], democratic reform in the Middle East[4], encouraging EU involvement "to help the country's reforms" in Georgia[5], and the possibility that the EU is contributing to the "radicalisation of Islamists"[6].

Public Relations

PR company Champollion worked with FRIDE on their Democratisation Programme. They were tasked with strengthening FRIDE's brand among the foreign policy community in Britain.

Champollion outlined their strategy as:

"working with FRIDE to develop the tightly defined messaging that will help push their policy concerns higher up the political agenda, to draw attention to their research and policy papers, and to ensure their arguments are heard by the right policy makers, analysts and journalists in Westminster and Brussels"[7]




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