Food Industry in the UK

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Trade Associations

This list is based an a number of sources.[1]


Alliance Of Independent Retailers | Allied Brewery Traders Association Amalgamated Master Dairymen Ltd | Anglo-European Livestock Association Anglo-Scottish Fish Producers Org. | Arena | Asparagus Growers' Association | Association Culinaire Francaise | Association Of Approved Meat Suppliers To Caterers | Association Of Bakery Ingredients | Association Of British Abattoir Operators | Association Of British Abattoir Owners Ltd | Association Of British Fresh Milk Manufacturers | Association Of British Meat Processors | Association of British Salted Fish Curers and Exporters | Association Of Catering Equipment Manufacturers & Importers | Association Of Cereal Food Manufacturers | Association Of Cheese Processors | Association Of Convenience Stores | Association Of Dealers In Crystallised Fruits | Association Of Deer Management Groups | Association Of Fish Salters & Curers | Association Of Fish Canners | Association Of Licensed And Multiple Retailers | Association Of Livestock Exporters | Association Of Malt Products Manufacturers | Association Of Non-Brewed Condiment Manufacturers | Association Of Pastry Chefs | Association Of Sea Fisheries Committees | Association Of Unpasteurised Milk Producers And Consumers | Automatic Vending Association Of GB | Bakery Allied Trader's Association | Bangladesh Caterers Association In Great Britain | BCGA | Bee Farmers Association | Biscuit Cake Chocolate And Confectionery Alliance | Bottled Water Association | Bottled Water Cooler Association | Brassica Growers Association | Brewers And Licensed Retailers Association | British Association Of Canned Foods Importers & Distributors | British Association Of Catering Butchers | British Association Of Feed Supplement And Additive Manufacturers Ltd | British Association Of Leisure Parks Piers & Attractions | British Association Of Nutritional Therapists | British Association Of Ship Suppliers | British Beekeepers Association | British Bison Association | British Caramel Manufacturers Association | British Commercial Rabbit Association | British Confectioners Association | British Crayfish Association | British Deer Farmers Association | British Domesticated Ostrich Association | British Edible Pulse Association | British Egg Products Association | British Essence Manufacturers | British Essential Oils Association | British Fishermen’s Associations | British Food Manufacturers Industries Research Association | British Frozen Food Federation | British Fruit & Vegetable Manufacturers Association | British Fruit Juice Importers Association | British Goat Society | British Health Food Trade Association | British Hospitality Association | British Hotels, Restaurants & Caterers Association | British Iceberg Growers' Association Ltd | British Importers Association | British Independent Fruit Growers Association | British Independent Grocers Association | British Meat Federation | British Meat Manufacturers Association | British Multiple Retailers Association | British Natural Mineral Waters Association | British Oat And Barley Millers Association | British Onion Growers' Association | British Organic Farmers | British Pasta Producers Association | British Pig Association | British Poultry Meat Federation Ltd | British Refrigeration Association | British Resin Manufacturers Association | British Retail Consortium | British Rice Association | British Sandwich Association | British Sheep Dairying Association | British Soft Drinks Association | British Soluble Coffee Manufacturers Association | British Starch Industries Association | British Trout Association | British Wheat Starch Association | British Wild Boar Association | Canned Food Importers Association | CBI | CCSB | CENTA | Central Council of Physical Recreation | Cereal Ingredient Manufacturers Association | Chamber Of Fishing | Chilled Food Association Ltd | Chocolate Society | CICL | Civic Catering Association | CLA | Co-Operative Milk Trade Assoc | Co-Operative Retail Services | Co-Operative Union Ltd | Co-Operative Wholesale Society Ltd | Cocoa Association Of London | Coffee Trade Federation | Cold Storage & Distribution Federation | Combined Edible Nut Trade Assoc | Commercial Queen Rearers’ Association Commercial Rabbit Association | Cookery And Food Association | Council Of National Beekeeping Associations Of UK | Country Landowners Association | Crab Processors Association | Creamery Proprietors Association | Crystallised Fruit Dealers Association | Dairy Industry Federation | Dairy Trade Federation | Dairymen's Association | Dessert & Cake Mixes Association | Direct Sellers Co-Operative Ltd | Duck Producers Association | European Snacks Association | Family Farmers Association | Farm And Food Society | Federation Of Agricultural Co-Operatives | Federation Of Bakers | Federation Of British Port Wholesale Fish Merchants Association | Federation Of Fresh Meat Wholesalers | Federation Of Licensed Victuallers Associations | Federation Of Oils Seeds And Fats Association | Federation Of Small Businesses | Federation Of Wholesale Distributors | Feed Fat Association | Fish And Meat Spreadable Products Association | Fish Foundation | Fleetwood Fish Producers Organisation Ltd | Flour Advisory Bureau | Food and Drink Federation | Food Additives Industry Association Ltd | Food Casings Association | Food Manufacturers Federation | Food Manufacturers Industrial Group | Forum Of Private Business | Fresh Produce Consortium (UK) | Fruit And Vegetable Canners Association | Fruit Importers Association | Fruit Juice Importers Association | Gin And Vodka Association | Goat Producers' Association | Goats' Milk Processors Federation | Grain And Feed Trade Association | Grimsby Mobile Fish Retailers Association | Guild Of Bangladeshi Restaurateurs | Guild Of Fine Food Retailers | Halal Meat | Hamper Industry Trade Association | Health Food Manufacturers Association | Home Brewing And Winemaking Association | Honey Importers & Packers Association | Hospital Caterers Association | Hotel Catering & Institutional Management Association | Ice Cream Alliance Ltd | Ice Cream Associates | Ice Cream Federation | Incorporated National Association Of British And Irish Millers | Independent Food Retailers Confederation | Independent Milk Producers And Processors | Infant & Dietetic Food Association | Institute Of Brewing | Institute Of British Bakers | Institute Of Cattle Officers | Institute Of Grocery Distribution | Institute Of Health Food Retailing | Institute Of Refrigeration/ Refrigeration Industry Board | International Association Of Cold Storage Contractors | International Bottled Water Association- European Chapter International Cocoa Organisation | International Distillers & Vintners | International Federation Of Essential Oils And Aroma Trades | International Fish Meal And Oil Manufacturers Association | International Flavours And Fragrances GB Ltd | International Flight Catering Association | International In-Flight Caterers Assn | International Meat Trade Association | International Pectin Producers Assoc | Joint Consultative Council For Meat Trades In UK | Joint Council Of Vegetable Merchants Association | Joint Industrial Council For The Slaughterhouse Industry | Lard Association | Leaf | LFRA | Licensed Animal Salvage & Slaughter Association | Liquid Food Carton Manufacturers' Association | Livestock Auctioneers Association | Livestock Auctioneers Market Committee For England & Wales | Livestock Traders Association | Local Authorities Caterers Association | London Fish Merchants Association | London Retail Meat Traders Assoc Ltd | Mail Order Fine Food Association | Maltsters Association Of GB | Margarine & Spread's Association | Meat And Livestock Commission | Meat Industry Liaison Group | Mushroom Growers Association | National Association Of British And Irish Millers | National Association Of British Market Authorities | National Association Of Catering Butchers | National Association Of Cider Makers | National Association Of Farmers Markets | National Association Of Fruit & Potato Traders Ltd | National Association Of Health Stores | National Association Of Licensed House Managers | National Association Of Master Bakers, Confectioners & Bakers | National Association Of Perry Makers | National Association Of Poultry Suppliers | National Association Of Shopkeepers | National Association Of Speciality Food And Drink Processors | National Association Of Speciality Food Groups | National Association Of Tripe Dressers | National Beef Association | National Catering Federation | National Chamber Of Trade | National Cold Storage Federation | National Council Of Hotels Association | National Dairy Council | National Dairymen’s Association | National Dried Fruit Trade Association | National Edible Oil Distributors' Association | National Farmers Union | National Federation Of City Farms | National Federation Of Fish Friers Ltd | National Federation Of Fishermen’s Organisations | National Federation Of Fishmongers | National Federation Of Inland Wholesale Fish Merchants National Federation Of Licensed Victuallers | National Federation Of Meat And Food Traders | National Federation Of Produce Merchants Ltd | National Federation Of Wholesale Poultry Merchants | National Game Dealers Association | National Independent Supermarket Association | National Joint Council Of British Potato Merchants | National Market Traders Federation | National Outdoor Events Association | National Pig Association | National Pig Breeders Association | National Poultrymeat Specialists | National Rendering Association | National Sheep Association | National Snail Farming Centre | National Summer Fruits Association | National Trust | National Union Of Retail Confectioners | National Vegetable Society | National Wholesale Meat Joint Advisory Committee | Natural Mineral Water Association | Natural Mineral Waters And Bottled Waters Association | Natural Sausage Casings Association | New Spirits Association | North Sea Fishermen’s Organisation Ltd | Northern Food & Drink Federation | Pea Pickers & Pea Packers Association PFMA | Pickles & Sauces Association | Pizza & Pasta Association | Pizza, Pasta And Italian Food Division | Potato Marketing Board | Potato Processors Federation | Poultry Processors | Prepacked Flour Association | Prepared Fish Products Association | Preserved Milk Manufacturers Assoc | Produce Packaging And Marketing Association | Quality British Celery Association | Quality Meat And Livestock Alliance | Radish Growers Association | Refrigerated Food Industry Confederation | Refrigeration Industry Board | Restaurant Association GB | Restaurateurs Association Of Great Britain | Retail Distributors Association Inc | Rice Association | Roast & Ground Coffee Association | Rough Fell Breeders Association | Royal Agricultural Society Of England | Royal Association Of British Dairy Farmers | Royal Yachting Association | Rusk Manufacturers Association | Salmon And Trout Association | Salt Manufacturers' Association | Sea Fish Industry Authority | Seasoning And Spice Association | Seed Crushers & Oil Producers Association | Self-Raising Flour Association | Shellfish Association Of Great Britain | Sherry Shippers Association | Small & Family Farms Alliance | Small Business Service | Small Farmers Association | Small Independent Brewers Association | Smithfield Market Tenants Association | Snack Nut & Crisp Manufacturer Association Ltd | Society Of Independent Brewers | Soil Association | Soup And Gravy Manufacturers Association | Specialist Cheesemakers Association | Speciality Salad Producers Association | Spice Trade Association | Stilton Cheesemakers Association | Suffolk Meat Traders & Consumers Association | Sugar Bureau | Sustain | Sustainable Agriculture, Food And Environment (SAFE) Alliance | Sustained Food And Farmers Alliance | Table Jellies Association | Tea Buyers Association | Tea Council Ltd | Tea Packers Association | Tenant Farmers Association | Thames & Chiltern Vineyards Association | UK Association Of Frozen Food Producers | UK Association Of Manufacturers Of Bakers Yeast | UK Baking Industry Consultative Committee | UK Cheese Guild | UK Dairy Association | UK Egg Producers Association Ltd | UK Federation Of Business & Professional Women | UK Federation Of Milk Producer Organisations | UK Fellmongers Association | UK Maize Millers Association | UK Potato Processors Association | UK Preserves Manufacturers Association | UK Provision Trade Federation | UK Register Of Organic Food Standards | UK Rum Importers Group | UK Sugar Industry Association | UK Tea Association | UK Vineyards Association | UK Warehousing Association | United Milk Producers | Vegetable Protein Association | Vinegar Brewers Federation | Water Buffalo Herd Association | Watercress Association | West Sussex Growers Association | White Oils Association | Wholesale Confectioners Alliance | Wine And Spirit Association | Wine Standards Board | Women's Farming Union | Women's Food And Farming Union National Rural Enterprise Centre | Womens Royal Voluntary Service | Worshipful Company Of Butchers


Agri-Food Partnership | Country Landowners Association | Farmers Union Of Wales | Federation Of Small Businesses | National Farmers Union (Wales) | National Federation Of Women’s Institutes Wales Young Farmers' Club | Welsh Beef & Lamb Promotions | Welsh Beekeepers Association | Welsh Food Promotions Ltd | Welsh Specialist Cheesemakers |


Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society | Aberdeen Angus Producers (Scotland) Ltd | Aberdeen Fish Curers & Merchants Association Ltd | Aberdeen Fish Producers' Organisation Ltd | Anglo Scottish Shellfishermen's Association | Association Of Bed & Breakfast Operators | Association Of Deer Management Groups | Association Of Independent Crop Consultants | Association Of Scottish Chambers Of Commerce | Association Of Scottish Shellfish Growers | Blackface Sheep Breeders' Association | Brewers Association Of Scotland | British Deer Producers Society Ltd | British Deer Society | British Hospitality Association | CBI Scotland | Chilled Food Association Ltd | Clyde Fishermen's Association | Co-Operative Union | Crofter Commission | Eyemouth & District Fishermen's Association | Eyemouth Fish Merchants Association | Farming And Wildlife Advisory Group | Federation Of Highlands & Islands Fishermen | Federation Of Small Business Scottish Office | Fife Fish Producers Organisation Ltd | Fife Fishermen's Association | Fish Salesmen's Association (Scotland) Ltd | Fishermen's Association Ltd | Fishermen’s Mutual Association (Eyemouth) Ltd | Fishing Co-Operatives | Forum of Private Business | Freight Transport Association Ltd | Glasgow Wholesale Fruit & Vegetable Traders' Association Ltd | Herring Buyers Association Ltd | Highlands & Islands Enterprise | Highlands & Islands Fishermen's Association | Institutes Of Auctioneers And Appraisers In Scotland | Live Shellfish Traders' Association (Scotland) | Mallaig And North West Fishermen’s' Association | Malt Distillers' Association Of Scotland | Meat And Livestock Commission | National Chamber Of Trade Scottish Council | National Farmers' Union Of Scotland | National Livestock Traders And Producers Association | North Of Scotland Milk Co-Operative | Orkney Fisheries Association | Quality Meat Scotland | Salmon Net Fishing Association Of Scotland | Scotch Whisky Association | Scotland's Tomatoes Ltd | Scottish Agricultural Organisation Society Ltd | Scottish Association Of Master Bakers | Scottish Association Of Meat Wholesalers | Scottish Association Of Young Farmers Clubs | Scottish Beekeepers' Association | Scottish Corn Trade Association Ltd | Scottish Council Development And Industry | Scottish Council For Voluntary Organisation | Scottish Dairy Association | Scottish Egg Producer Retailers Association | Scottish Egg Trade Association | Scottish Enterprise | Scottish Federation Of Fishmongers | Scottish Federation Of Meat Traders Associations Inc. Scottish Fish Merchants Federation | Scottish Fishermen's Federation | Scottish Flour Millers Association | Scottish Food & Drink Federation | Scottish Food Trade Association | Scottish Health Food Retailers | Scottish Healthcare Supplies | Scottish Landowners Federation | Scottish Licensed Trade Association | Scottish Live Shellfish Buyers Association | Scottish Meat Wholesalers | Scottish Milk Ltd | Scottish Organic Producers Association | Scottish Pelagic Fishermen's Association Ltd | Scottish Pig Industry Initiative | Scottish Potato Trade Association | Scottish Retail Consortium | Scottish Salmon Farmers Marketing Board | Scottish Salmon Smokers' Association | Scottish Scallop Fishermen's Association Ltd | Scottish Seed & Nursery Trade Association | Scottish Shellfish Marketing Group Ltd | Scottish Soft Fruit Growers | Scottish Tourist Board | Scottish Whitefish Producers Association | Scottish Women Rural Institutes | Seafish Industry Authority | Shetland Agricultural Association | Shetland Fish Processors Association | Shetland Salmon Farmers' Association | Shetland Seafood Quality Control | Skye & Lochalsh Fishermen's Association | The Fishermen’s Association Ltd | The Independent Farming Group | The Scottish Agricultural Contractors Association | The Wick & Scrabster Fish Traders Association Ullapool-Assynt Fishermen's Association | United Kingdom Association Of Fish Producers Organisations VTSC Growers Association | West Of Scotland Fish Producers Organisation | Western Isles Fishermen’s Association | Wholesale Grocers' Association Of Scotland | Women's Farming Union | Women's Royal Voluntary Service |


Anglo North Irish Fish Producers Organisation Ltd | Foyle Fisheries Commission | Livestock And Meat Commission | Lough Erne Fishermen's Association Lough Neagh Fishermen’s Association North Irish Sea Fishermen’s Association | Northern Ireland Agricultural Producers' Association | Northern Ireland Bakers Union | Northern Ireland Chamber Of Commerce & Industry | Northern Ireland Cold Stores Association | Northern Ireland Fish Producers Organisation Ltd | Northern Ireland Fish Processors Association | Northern Ireland Fish Salesmen’s Association | Northern Ireland Fishermen’s Federation | Northern Ireland Food And Drink Association | Northern Ireland Master Butchers' Association | Northern Ireland Meat Exporters' Association | Northern Ireland Small Business Institute | Northern Ireland Soft Drinks Association | The Federation Of The Retail Licensed Trade Northern Ireland | Ulster Farmers' Union | Ulster Sea Fishermen’s Association |


  1. Food Standards Agency Industry list, undated