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Fondation EurActiv is an EU affairs company that publishes the EurActiv website. Its editor in chief on foundation was Willy De Backer, Secretary General was Julian Oliver and founder was Christophe Leclercq.

Fondation EurActiv became operational following the publication of its statutes in the 'Moniteur Belge' in January 2004 as one of the first foundations under a new Belgian law.[1]


Fondation EurActiv works primarily on networking and media communication. They provide meeting rooms and conferences facilities to its members. Each year Fondation EurActiv hosts around “20 stakeholder workshops on topical EU policy issues ... An advisory Group of over 20 distinguished people is regularly consulted individually and collectively on issues of media independence.” [2] They also train journalists with the support of the Robert Bosch Stiftung. They are also active in social media and what they describe as “Political Technologies” (e-Politics, e-Participation, e-Democracy, e-Diplomacy, e-Citizenship, e-Governance and e-Government). They hope to “reinvent politics and governance in cyberspace” and appear to dominate European political blogging on their site [3]


List of Advisory Council members as at 30 April 2004

(NB. Members serve in their personal capacities)

Alan Christie CSR Europe | Jim Cloos Council of Ministers secretariat | Stanley Crossick European Policy Centre | Michael Emerson CEPS - Centre for European Policy Studies | Paul Goossens Belga Press Agency | Bahadir Kaleagasi TUSIAD - Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association | Tony Long WWF European Policy Office] | Didier Malherbe European Business Summit | Giles Merritt Forum Europe / Friends of Europe | Jim Murray BEUC - Bureau Européen des Unions de Consommateurs | Jean Nestor Notre Europe (think-tank created by Jacques Delors) | Tom Spencer ECPA - European Centre for Public Affairs | Stephen Stacey Toyota Motor Europe | Piet Steel Solvay | Pawel Stelmaczyk Microsoft | Maja Wessels Honeywell[1]

Orientation Committee members as at 30 April 2004

(NB. Members serve in their personal capacities)

Laurent Ledoux Belgian Economics Ministry | Isabella Lenarduzzi Isamedia | Anton Mifsud-Bonnici BP Group | Manuela Preoteasa Association actori europei & Editor | Alexander Riedl | European Commission | Jacques de Selliers GreenFacts Foundation | Ivan Stefunko SLOVO & | Sinan Ulgen AB Consulting, Turkey[1]


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