Action Council for Peace in the Balkans

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The Action Council for Peace in the Balkans was formed in January 1994, with an open letter to President Bill Clinton calling for the US to replace its then policy of support for UN peacekeepers in Bosnia with one focused on supporting the Bosnian government through air power and an end to the UN arms embargo. Signatories included Morton Abramowitz, Max M. Kampelman, Senator Joseph Lieberman, and Representative Frank McCloskey.[1]


Steering Committee (c.1994)

Morton Abramowitz | William Brock | Zbigniew Brzezinski | Frank Carlucci | Hodding Carter | David Dinkins | Geraldine Ferraro | Barbara Jordan | Max Kampelman | Lane Kirkland | Jeane Kirkpatrick | Edmund Muskie | George Shultz | Susan Sontag | George Soros | Paul Volcker | Elie Wiesel as well as members of the Senate and House of Representatives.[2]



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