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Euart Glendinning works at Morgan Stanley and is an advisor and contributing editor to Editorial Intelligence. [1] Glendinning was appointed as a Managing Director for Morgan Stanley in 2001 [2] where in 2007 he holds the post of Managing Director of Strategy and Administration. [3]. Prior to this Glendinning was involved with the Corporate Communications Europe division for Morgan Stanley[4].

Corporate Philanthropy

Glendinning is a trustee of The Morgan Stanley International Foundation along with fellow Morgan Stanley employee Amelia Fawcett (also associated with the Community Action Network). [5]

Community Links

At the time of writing (Oct 2007) Euart Glendinning is on the Board of Trustees for 'Community Links,' who, in short, aim to create "social change", "To tackle the causes and consequences of social exclusion" by tackling the "causes not symptoms, and find solutions not palliatives." [6] However the activities mentioned in their website tend to lean towards individual solutions (eg education & upskilling) with structural issues such as inequality of wealth and power, left out, thus raising questions about their professed focus on solutions rather than 'palliatives'. It is worth noting that Community Links receives financial assistance from Morgan Stanley and sugar company Tate and Lyle (well known for its lobbying against public health on dietary sugars and for its sponsorship of the Economic League).

In addition the Chair of the Community Links Leadership Group is Sir David Walker, a former Chairman of Morgan Stanley International Inc. (MSI) Community Links is funded (£6m) by a range of venture capital organisations and has merchant banks represented on the board.[7]

Allegations of improperly awarded shares

In June 2004 Bloomberg reported:

Separately, Goldman and Morgan Stanley tentatively agreed to pay $40 million each to settle Securities and Exchange Commission allegations that they improperly awarded shares in companies carrying out initial public offerings between 1999 and 2000, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the talks. Euart Glendinning, a Morgan Stanley spokesman in London, and Simon Eaton, a Goldman spokesman in London, declined to comment.[8]

A Lad in the City

Morgan Stanley became involved with the 'theater' by sponsoring Kevin Spacey's season as director of the Old Vic.

Many sponsors look at sponsorship as an extended form of corporate entertaining," said Euart Glendinning, managing director and head of international corporate communications. "We have a number of stakeholders — clients, employees, but also the community —and we'd like to make sponsorship work for all three categories.[9]

Hickley goes on to report that according to the Old Vic's marketing director Vivien Wallace, "a few Morgan Stanley executives were initially reluctant, worried that theater would give them less scope than art to schmooze with clients".[10]

The report continues:

Morgan Stanley's unspecified contribution has allowed the privately funded Old Vic to fund the season and refurbish a rehearsal room ('The Morgan Stanley Room') that the bank borrows for entertaining. Dinners are held with Spacey there to welcome guests.
Last January, Morgan Stanley employees put on a play, "A Lad in the City", at the Old Vic that was directed and scripted by professionals. Proceeds went to victims of the Asian tsunami. The Old Vic also designed an executive pilot course spread out over two half-days for Morgan Stanley.[11]
Ten years or more ago, it was philanthropy. It isn't anymore," says John Rodgers, director of development at the NT. There has to be a solid reason why a company is going to support theater or the arts. By backing the performing arts, companies aim to charm present and potential clients as well as staff and the overall community, giving their image an intangible boost.[12]


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