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The England First Party is a British political party which seeks to establish an independent England and to "Stop all further immigration and start a programme of voluntary repatriation of non-European immigrants back to their lands of ancestral origin."[1]

The Party was registered with the Electoral Commission on 2 September 2003. It is led by Mark Cotterill.[2]

Searchlight Magazine has described the party's genesis as follows:

The EFP was founded in 2004 by Mark Cotterill, a former chairman of the American Friends of the British National Party (AFBNP), which channelled tens of thousands of dollars into the BNP before a change in UK electoral law made it illegal to raise money abroad. Cotterill, who had been involved with the nazi National Alliance while living in America, was subsequently deported because his fundraising also contravened US law. Upon his return to England he fell out with the BNP, Griffin seemingly unwilling to reward his endeavours with a commensurate party position. Disaffected, Cotterill moved to Blackburn, Lancashire where he formed the EFP.[3]

Cotterill and Michael Johnson were elected to Blackburn Council under the England First banner in May 2006. The two men fell out in December 2006, after Cotteril posted a YouTube video that portrayed Jesus making an offensive hand gesture and attacking Islam. Johnson left the party in March 2007. Cotteril anounced he was standing down from the council, and as party leader at around the same time.[4]

England First and the English Democrats

In May 2009, according to party's website, members of England First canvassed for the English Democrats Party in the European elections.[5]





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