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The Electoral Reform Society is a company limited by guarantee (registered company no. 00958404) whose primary object is the promotion of the single transferable vote. The Electoral Reform Society holds a minority shareholding in Electoral Reform Services Limited.[1]



The Society has been campaigning for electoral reform for over 100 years[2]





  • Britain's Experience of Electoral Systems The Electoral Reform Society's own take on the government's 2 time manifesto pledge to report on the state of democracy in Westminster and devolved government. April 2007. ISBN 0 903291 35 5.
  • Voting in the UK. Fact Book. Clear explanations of all UK elections. ISBN 0 903291 50 9.
  • 16 for 16 16 reasons for votes at 16. Foreword by Julie Morgan MP. May 2008. ISBN 0 903291 24 X.
  • Candidate Selection The report of the Commission of Candidate Selection, by Peter Riddell. June 2005. ISBN 0 903291 24 X.


Address: Thomas Hare House, 6 Chancel Street, London, SE1 0UU
Phone: 020 7928 1622
Email: ers@electoral-reform.org.uk
Website: http://www.electoral-reform.org.uk/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/electoralreform