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Dymphna is the pseudonym of a counterjihad blogger who founded the Gates of Vienna blog along with her husband and co-author, Ned May (writing under the pseudonym Baron Bodissey).[1]


May uses unspiek@chromatism.net as the email address on his Gates of Vienna blog[2]. This domain was purchased by Edward S. May from a local Internet provider in Virginia, US, in 2001[3].

May is a member of the Episcopalian Diocese of Southern Virginia, and helped to develop its website, according to a diocesan periodical which stated:

. Ned and his wife Ceara live near the very small town of Howardsville, in the far northwest corner of this diocese.[4]

An October 2000 version of May's website would appear to indicate he married Ceara Sullivan in 1980.[5]

According to Gates of Vienna, Dymphna is the cousin of the Irish blogger Mark Humphrys.[6]

Dymphna describes Humphrys as "a cousin I met because I found my grandmother’s wedding picture on his site. He lives in Dublin and teaches IT. An Irishman who’s a libertarian. A fierce libertarian…are there any other kinds?"[7]

One page on Humphrys' site, includes the following entry (hyperlinks interpolated by Spinwatch):

Geraldine Sullivan,
mar 1stly and had issue,
mar 2ndly to Ned May and had issue:
Will May.[8]

This would make Dymphna a grand-daughter of Jim M. Sullivan, Us Ambassador to the Dominican Republic, veteran of the 1916 rising and ally of Michael Collins. A picture of James M. Sullivan's marriage to Nell O'Mara features on the same page of Humprys' genealogy site.[9]

Dymphna stated in a Normblog interview that she had changed her first name a number of times:

If you had to change your first name, what would you change it to? > Well... I've already done that several times now, once officially. If you don't like your name, change it. Sometimes people change it for me, so I've collected a number of nicknames: Anne Hedonia is one. Bunny is another.[10]


A Normblog profile of Dymphna states:

A first generation American, Dymphna was born in Florida in 1941 and had a dimestore novel childhood, which included time in an orphanage and other dramas. She got married early to a crazy person and had three children, after which there was a long search for the door, followed by a second marriage which is permanent. Her three sons range in age from 20 to 43; her only daughter died on May 8 2003. Dymphna spent her early adulthood in New England, Wellesley mostly, and has lived in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains, Virginia, for the last 25 years. Like much else, it was an accidental that became an essential. She has an undergraduate degree in philosophy and has been a chef, a social worker, a freelance editor and a hospital administrator, in what has been a meander rather than a career. Dymphna blogs at Gates of Vienna and The Neighborhood of God.[11]

Dymphna has stated:

My exposure to history as a child was mostly the 1950s version of the patriotic American story. The threat of Communism was very real to Catholic schoolchildren in those days. We knew about the imprisonment of Cardinal József Mindszenty, and prayed for him. The burgeoning parochial school system was dedicated to producing assimilated American Catholic children — very definitely, Red-White-and-Blue Catholics is what we were.[12]

EDL links

Dymphna claims to have provided support to the founder of the English Defence League in the United States:

Back before the EDL, when he hid out here in the US (a few years back), the Baron and I supported him financially (we wuz "rich" then --i.e., full-time work). In addition, a fellow blogger gave him a condo to live in, rent free. On a golf course, no less!
Eventually, though, he went back to England to be persecuted repeatedly by the police and QC. His answer was to form the EDL. Genius move.
I wish he could've sustained it, but such an undertaking requires immense patience and an almost zen-like ability to suffer fools gladly and to bear intense official persecution. Few ppl have all those resources. I'm hoping & praying Tommy is able to hold onto his. i sure couldn't do what he's doing.[13]

Blogger 'Luther Blissetts' suggests this maybe a reference to Paul Ray.[14]


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