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Duncan Bannatyne is the owner of the Bannatyne chain who own health clubs, spas and hotels.


Bannatyne's first major career move was when he started nursing home business Quality Care Homes which he sold for £26 million in 1997 and nursery chain Just Learning (Conservative MP Michael Fallon is a former CEO) for 12 million.

In August 2006 Bannatyne's Health Clubs bought 26 health clubs from Hilton Hotels for £96 million. In 2008 he opened a £12,000,000.00 spa and in 2010 he bought Charlton House Hotel.[1]

He is also known for being on of the 'Dragons' on the BBC's business programme The Dragon's Den.


Support for a party

In 2014 Bannatyne declared he does 'not support any political party'. He said he 'backed the Conservative's when Mrs Thatcher was leader, and Labour under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown'. He also declared he is still close with Brown.[2]

Letter to the Telegraph

On 1 April 2015 Bannatyne was one of 103 business leaders who wrote to the Telegraph praising the British Conservative Party's economic policies and claiming a Labour government would 'threaten jobs and deter investment' in the UK.[3]

Criticism of Labour

In 2015 Bannatyne criticised Labour's plans to introduce a Mansion Tax on all homes above a certain threshold, claiming it should only be for foreign residents - using the example that that is what he does on his villa in France.[4]

Return to Labour

After declaring his support in the Conservative Party's economic policies and criticising the Labour Party's plans to introduce a Mansion Tax, on 7 April 2015 Bannatyne tweeted that he would be voting Labour because of Ed Miliband's 'courage' in pledging to scrap non-domiciled status.

Bannatyne's tweet read:

'Ed Milliband says he will abolish non-dom status in UK. This gets my vote I never thought any party would have courage to do this'.[5]

Political donations

Date Name of donor Amount Donated to Subsidiary (parties only)
27/06/2002 Duncan Bannatyne £10,000.00 Labour Party Central Party
15/05/2003 Duncan Bannatyne £10,000.00 Labour Party Central Party
26/05/2004 Duncan Bannatyne £10,000.00 Labour Party Central Party
11/05/2010 Bannatyne Fitness Limited, POWER HOUSE £50,000.00 Labour Party Central Party



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