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Discover the Networks is a database website that describes itself as 'a 'Guide to the Political Left.[1] It has also been described as 'a website dedicated to exposing radical professors'.[2]

Launched in 2005[3] the group is connected to David Horowitz who is involved with the similar websites Campus Watch, Jihad Watch, Professors Watch and Media Watch.[2] Horowitz also founded Students For Academic Freedom, a group designed to 'force American universities to adopt quotas for conservative professors as well as monitor the political inclinations of their staff'.[2]

Paul Gilroy

Chair of African American studies at Yale University, Paul Gilroy, was listed by Discover the Networks after speaking at a university-sponsored teach-in on the Iraq war. Gilroy argued that:

I think the morality of cluster bombs, of uranium-tipped bombs, (of) daisy cutters are shaped by an imperial double standard that values American lives more. adding that (The war seems motivated by) a desire to enact revenge for the attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon . . . (It's important) to speculate about the relation between this war and the geopolitical interests of Israel.[2]



Discover the Networks


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